The 5 soft skills most in demand by companies

As technology develops, the job market evolves, so it's important for businesses and employees to adjust and recognize the soft talents that are currently in high demand.

The 5 soft skills most in demand by companies

How do soft skills work?

The emotional intelligence of these skills is connected. They are personality traits that we put into practice when carrying out our tasks and when interacting with the environment, and they go beyond the technical knowledge needed by each sector.

By developing these abilities, we can enhance our performance and the relationships we build every day, giving ourselves more opportunities for future career advancement.

Selection procedures are becoming more and more centered on soft skills.

13 people fail or leave during the trial period for every 100 employed, and a third quit before the year is out. This reality will be drastically altered by a fundamental change in the way applicants are assessed, with a stronger emphasis placed on emotional intelligence to identify probable behavioral traits.

Similar to this, a research by Spring Professional found that in Spain, employers place more importance on profiles that mix soft skills and technological competence. In order to be more competitive in the workplace now and in the future, we list a few abilities that are essential.

1. Function as a team

In addition to completing our tasks, it is crucial that we communicate well with the surroundings. Above all, if we are in a leadership role, which requires us to communicate with every member of the team and create the ideal environment for the team to work at its best.

2. Be adaptable and flexible.

The pandemic has demonstrated the competition's relevance because the environment is always shifting. Due to the rise in infections brought on by the Omicron strain in Spain at the end of the previous year, the large home office was back. Given this circumstance, it is crucial that we, as employees or business owners, have the capacity to change over time and adapt to the various circumstances that develop. This is one of the soft talents that have practically become prerequisites.

3. Problem-solving ability and creativity

We are aware that there will be challenges to overcome regardless of where we are in the process. To do this, creativity is a helpful tool, but it's also crucial to analyze each case in order to get to the best conclusion. Working together can help us overcome obstacles in this way because, as the adage goes, "two brains are better than one."

4. Use your time wisely

Establishing objectives enables businesses to plan their future. But for things to work, they need to have specific qualities. One of them is time, which we need to master in order to flawlessly carry out the duties that are appropriate for us.

5. Concentrate on sustainability

No matter if they are for-profit or not, all organizations must provide positive financial returns in order to stay in operation. Today, though, we don't have to limit our attention to it. Since 80% of people say that sustainability is important, we need to figure out how we can work at our jobs to contribute to the welfare of the planet and the people who live on it.

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