The Nicaraguan government requests that the US end its embargo on Cuba

Managua, 30 September (EFE). On Friday, Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, requested that the United States relax its economic embargo (blockade) on Cuba.

The Nicaraguan government requests that the US end its embargo on Cuba

At a ceremony commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the National Police that was carried on radio and television, Ortega yelled out, "These are moments when, if there is a little compassion left in the United States government, the blockade against the brotherly Cuban people must be lifted."

One of the causes of the current problem the nation is going through is a collection of economic, commercial, and financial sanctions that started sixty years ago and have been gradually tightened up until the recent 234 measures of the previous US president, Donald Trump. Cuba, in Ortega's opinion.

The Sandinista president declared, "There has not been a blockade as savage as the one that has been enacted on Cuba," expressing his support for his Cuban partner and rival, Miguel Daz-Canel.

The island nation of Cuba, according to Ortega, is going through "really horrible circumstances, where the blockade has tightened, where tough conditions have emerged, even with this hurricane (Ian) that has just passed."

The entire population has been impacted by the hurricane, he claimed, because even the energy and energy sources were shook by it. "The country is blocked, and a cyclone passes with terrible power and has caused destruction, death, and the affectation of the entire population," he said.

According to his prediction, "Cuba will triumph again with the support of the peoples of the world."

And if the blockade (by the US) is lifted, he continued, "then we may think that there is a little amount of humanity in the US rulers."

Cuba claims that the embargo has cost 6,364 million dollars alone in the first 14 months of the current US President Joe Biden's administration.

The National Police is led by Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, and the police chief reaffirmed his "loyalty and allegiance to the supreme leadership" of the National Police throughout his speech.

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