In Elden Ring, what is the best way to defeat Radagon?

We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fight Elden Ring's last antagonist in each of its phases.

In Elden Ring, what is the best way to defeat Radagon?

We already know what we can encounter as the final enemy of an expedition that can take dozens and dozens of hours to complete until that concluding moment arrives from the initial scene of Elden Ring.

And, given all of the adversaries and bosses you've encountered so far, it's evident that the worst is still to come in the final fight, which will also include a minor surprise.

Although you will have enough experience to handle with this style of fighting by the time you approach Elden Ring's final monster, we will provide you a series of recommendations that will come in handy when you meet the final enemy.

In Elden Ring, how do you defeat Radagon?

As you might expect, the Elden Ring's ultimate boss is broken into two phases: first, we must beat Radagon in fight, and then he changes into the Elden Beast in the second part.

Radagon is the first phase.

Before you begin the combat, make sure you are properly healed and have everything you need, which you may accomplish by visiting the nearest sanctuary of grace.

Radagon will hold his golden hammer, and each of his assaults will appear to be modeled after the strokes of a blacksmith in a forge.

The beautiful thing about this foe is that, despite his strength, he telegraphs each of his moves well enough for you to anticipate them and avoid them.

Radagon performs ground slams, and you must avoid the entire region rather than dodging them. Each of these blows, of course, covers a large region. If you're using a ranged attack method like magic, you should launch your attacks from a vast distance and then evade as you draw closer.

In Elden Ring, what is the best way to defeat Radagon?

If you prefer melee assaults, aim to surround him and attack his back while he prepares to attack with some sort of animation.

It will deal holy damage throughout the first and second phases, so keep that in mind when bringing benefits against it.

Elden Beast's second phase

When Radagon's health is depleted, he will transform into the elden beast. Even though the surface area he touches is larger than in the first phase, this opponent causes huge, holy damage.

Keep a look out for his cosmic breath assault, though he telegraphs it well enough that you'll have plenty of time to avoid it and flee to safety.

In Elden Ring, what is the best way to defeat Radagon?

If this adversary casts the elden ring on your head, you must flee as quickly as possible because this assault has the potential to kill you.

You should concentrate your efforts on his glowing spot in the stomach, which will cause more damage. It is preferable to attack him in the stomach from afar, as doing so in close battle is extremely dangerous.

Both the first and second stages are more suited to magical attacks than melee, though you should combine the two depending on the situation, and you should have a lot of combat expertise by this time in the adventure.

You can use invocations to launch teammates, which will attract the enemy's attention and allow you to attack him from a different direction.

You might also employ the Mimic Tear to help you out in battle.

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