Wordle can now be played without having to leave Minecraft

You can now incorporate the Wordle experience into your own Minecraft world, and it's really simple to do so.

Wordle can now be played without having to leave Minecraft

The first video game phenomenon of the year was Wordle, a word guessing puzzle game that has millions of people hooked on a regular basis, prompting not just The New York Times to purchase the program, but also a slew of derivative copies.

In fact, we've previously seen a Battle Royale-style multiplayer Wordle, one inspired by geography, and even one dedicated to Pokémon, but now a user has been able to recreate the Wordle experience in his own Minecraft world, allowing all players of the popular video game to enjoy it as well.

So, reddit member mattbatwings2 has shared his latest effort, which is essentially a new Minecraft map in which he has managed to make a massive fully functional Wordle board, where you can set the words to guess on one side while other people compete to win the game on the other.

So you've made a two-dimensional array with the secret word on one axis and the guessable phrase on the other. Because the indices match, any of the matrix's diagonal points that have the same letter are the green squares. Because the indices don't match, the yellow squares appear when any of the other points in the array are the same letter."

However, you do not need to understand the foregoing in order to have this massive Wordle table in your own world, since you can access the download page of this invention and add it to your island and customize it to your taste.

This makes it very simple for us to play Wordle in our own Minecraft world with our friends, giving your world a unique and special touch.

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