With a small featurette of Marvel's live vampire flick, Jared Leto gets us ready for the final Morbius trailer

Morbius' final trailer will be released today, but Jared Leto has left us with a little documentary about the Marvel anti-hero.

With a small featurette of Marvel's live vampire flick, Jared Leto gets us ready for the final Morbius trailer

Morbius, starring Jared Leto as the "living vampire" from Marvel Comics, will be released in practically all theaters in less than a month.

Morbius is part of Sony Pictures' Spider-Man Universe, which began with Venom in 2018 and will conclude in 2023 with Aaron Taylor-Kraven Johnson's the Hunter.

Morbius' last trailer will be released today, giving us the "last information" on the film starring Jared Leto.

But before, the actor took part in a one-minute brief (via DiscussingFilm) in which he teases us with some hints about what to expect in the picture.

Leto goes over Morbius' background in the Marvel comics, from his beginnings as an opponent of Spider-Man to his eventual transformation into an antihero within the House of Ideas roster of characters.

Michael Morbius was a doctor with an unusual blood pathology. His research prompted him to experiment on himself in the hopes of finding a solution for his illness.

These tests resulted in him gaining vampire-like abilities without the need to die first.

However, he will have to cope with one of the challenges that vampires experience, namely, their insatiable hunger for blood, which will set off an internal fight unlike any other.

Morbius will star Tyrese Gibson, Matt Smith, and Jared Harris, with Daniel Espinosa directing the film (Life).

Leto points out that Morbius is a part of Marvel's darkest mythology, and he's glad we'll be able to witness it on the big screen for the first time.

It's worth recalling that Morbius was one of the films hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, delaying its release up to seven times.

The most recent date change occurred in January, with the premiere of Morbius set for April 1 in Spain. We'll cross our fingers that it goes off without a hitch.

Oscar Isaac will play Moon Knight in the Disney Plus series of the same name two days before the live vampire hits screens in our country. As Stan Lee commands, it will be a fantastic week.

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