'Wishes he hadn't built the filthy character,' says Masahiro Ito, creator of Silent Hill's Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head, one of the most iconic and horrifying villains and characters in video games, was created by Silent Hill. Masahiro Ito, his creator, has stated that he wishes he hadn't come up with the idea.

'Wishes he hadn't built the filthy character,' says Masahiro Ito, creator of Silent Hill's Pyramid Head

One of the most well-remembered and renowned sagas in video game history did not come easily, and a large part of that deserved appreciation is owed to its characters. Pyramid Head is one of Silent Hill's most important "faces."

Because of its imposing design, the one that stalked us in the second chapter and has undoubtedly fallen into another nightmare is one of the greatest representatives of dread in the media.

Pyramid Head's relationship to James Sunderland's mind is one of the franchise's great milestones, and this, combined with his horrific appearance, makes him unforgettable... sadly.

And it's not just our opinion; the character's creator seemed to regret his terrible creation. Masahiro Ito, who worked on Silent Hill 2 and 3 as the villain's designer and art director, has expressed sadness for him on Twitter.

In a tweet that stunned admirers, he said, "I wish I hadn't invented the fucking Pyramid Head." When asked why he believes this by users, the Japanese designer said he would not share the cause.

This has clearly left many people on pins and needles, as Pyramid Head's design has always been praised, as we've already noted. Although, of course, we have never walked in its creator's shoes.

How did you come up with the idea for this character? It's possible that this is one of the reasons why the design has been rejected by its author. Is Ito haunted by Pyramid Head at night? Is it possible that its creator is merely trying to get this entity off his mind? Everything sounds a little scary.

Meanwhile, with a return to the present, the tale continues without making an appearance. There are many who believe Silent Hill will return, yet there have only been rumors, and time has only added to the uncertainty.

The most recent news came from Guillermo del Toro, who acknowledged the saga at The Game Awards 2021, though it was more of a "colleja" for Konami than an implication.

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