The Boba Fett Book's final chapter has three hits and three misses

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Boba Fett Book. After letting 24 hours go by to meditate and review the final episode of The Boba Fett Book, we are going to highlight three hits and three misses at the end of the series.

The Boba Fett Book's final chapter has three hits and three misses

Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen rounded out their feud over control of Tatooine with the Pyke Syndicate with the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett , arriving on Disney Plus yesterday .

Robert Rodriguez took the helm for the third time on the Star Wars series , having done so on The Mandalorian , albeit only once.

After a break of 24 hours to be able to order some ideas, but not all, and review the episode, we are going to review some successes and failures that, in my opinion, the episode has . Naturally, this is a partial and personal opinion with which you can agree or disagree.

If it seems good to you, and if not also because when you read this it will already be written, we will alternate hits and misses until we have 3 and 3, so as not to saturate.


Whether due to some production problem or because of Temuera Morrison's age or physique (note, I'm not going to criticize something like that), The Boba Fett book has been quite reluctant to show the character fighting with his full armor , flying , and bursting enemies.

The Mandalorian half showed us the potential of the character, but in the series we have only seen him fight without armor, and not too much, everything is said. I lie, the first episode showed something, but the scene was a bit... meh.

In this episode, finally, we see him giving it his all , and also receiving, just like Mando. His beskar armor fulfills his role by protecting him and getting him out of trouble.

A brutal battle had to take place so that Boba Fett did not take off his helmet, recovering, for a moment, that lost aura during part of the series .


The big problem with the series, enjoyable, but technically a problem, is that Boba Fett long ago lost his leading role in the same series .

I know that many do not think the same, and I find it fantastic, but narratively, that a protagonist has less screen time than a "guest character" highlights some problems that need to be corrected.

The Boba Fett Book's final chapter has three hits and three misses

Have I had the time of my life seeing Din Djarin and Grogu together again, and resolving many situations? Yes. Did you expect to see this in a series about Boba Fett? No, it would have been a terrific season three starter for The Mandalorian .

All these additions, enjoyable as nothing, mean that the effective time that Temuera Morrison has enjoyed on screen has been cut by more than two thirds , if we count the plans of the mods, the people of Ciudad libre, etc.


The arrival of the infamous gunslinger in the previous episode foreshadowed a duel that has indeed taken place in the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

As fans of The Clone Wars will no doubt know , the history between Cad Bane and Boba Fett is a long and very interesting one , with the Duro being Boba's ruthless mentor when he was young.

Cad Bane is a very cool character, and his jump to live action, despite the criticism he has received from the fandom, seems amazing to me.

In the episode he has put a real face on the enemy , beyond a bunch of random Pykes and the two Scorpenek droids.


As strange as it may seem, and as cool as the appearance of Cad Bane has been, its use in the episode is very brief .

Bane spends most of the battle missing, only to show up for his duel with Boba Fett. 12 minutes shooting the shields of the droids throughout the city and the duel between the two characters is settled in three minutes (removing the flamethrower moment to scare away the rancor).

The Boba Fett Book's final chapter has three hits and three misses

There would be potential for some clashes during the battle, showing that Cad Bane was doing more than just walking around glaring at everyone.

Since the series was going to "kill" the character, it would have been nice to give him a little more play , since Cad Bane is Machiavellian and capable of screwing her up in a moment.


Despite the fact that the Star Wars comics put Pierre Nodoyuna in Krrsantan the Black , the Wookiee has proven to be a bestial adversary in this final episode of The Book of Boba Fett .

Shot, hit, wounded... And there you have him, smashing enemies with shots and punches. There is no droid big enough to intimidate this savage Wookiee.

And Peli Motto , is that the character makes me very funny, friends. I know some of you find it a bit tiresome, but we have plenty of examples in Star Wars of characters like that.

But I'm not going to go too far: C-3PO in the original trilogy spends the movies as comic relief. At least Peli Motto shoots and represents the fandom in many ways .


I'm going to start with the second. Not that I didn't expect mods and Freetown soldiers to not show up, but they do get attention that, globally, adds little (if anything).

Possibly, it would have loaded the episode less to cut some of those scenes (and give it to Boba Fett or Fennec Shand), than to see how "the country girl and the city girl show who is better". I insist, whether they come out or not is the least important thing, it's the excessive attention they get in two or three scenes.

Now, about the shields... All the Clone Wars fighting droidekas, who had similar shields, and god knows how to fight those shields?

There isn't a thermal detonator in all of Mos Espa, folks. Scorpenek droids are older models, and their shields are arguably more powerful than those of Separatist droids, but The Clone Wars devoted an entire episode to teaching how to overcome these shields, leñe.

The Boba Fett Book's final chapter has three hits and three misses

Obviously it has been done to give rise to the rancor (which Boba Fett learns to ride in a matter of weeks? Months? And without the force, suck that, Dathomir Nightsisters .

It's clear that Danny Trejo is the best rancor tamer ever . Malakili will be green with envy.

As I say, they are still personal perceptions with which you may or may not agree. I didn't like Robert Rodriguez's directing work in general , and I'm sure many aspects of the episode are due to it.

In spite of everything, do not forget to go through the criticism of the final episode of The Boba Fett book , so that you can see that, despite everything, I tend to be magnanimous with Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau , responsible for the story.

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