The anime adaptation of NieR Automata has been confirmed: The excellent work of Yoko Taro makes the transition to the small screen

Following several reports that seemed to imply that NieR Automata would be adapted into an anime, the official announcement revealed the project. An adaptation of Yoko Taro's fantastic video game is in the works.

The anime adaptation of NieR Automata has been confirmed: The excellent work of Yoko Taro makes the transition to the small screen

If you've fallen in love with one of the most emotionally charged and distinctive video games in recent memory, you're in luck! NieR Automata is back.

The game's fifth anniversary has served to confirm that speculations about an anime version of NieR Automata were not unfounded. A few specifics have been revealed, but the project remains a long way off.

Square Enix has officially revealed this anime, which will undoubtedly be favorably greeted by fans of the series, with a teaser that does not disclose many specifics. What are your thoughts on the matter? The video can be viewed here.

More information regarding this production will most likely become available in the coming weeks. At the present, the anime's official website has confirmed that it will be adapted for television.

Now it's time to see if 2B will attempt to tell an original story or if it will ultimately be a complete adaptation of what we've seen in the game. How many different endings will there be in the series? That is the true conundrum...

NieR Automata is based in the same universe as NieR and incorporates parts of the Drakengard Saga's features. The game's story takes place in an apocalyptic future in which humanity has been forced to evacuate to the Moon due to an invasion of Earth.

The YoRHa squad, made up of androids that have been denied emotions but whose behaviors are exceedingly interesting, is formed in an attempt to reclaim her. The tale of NieR Automata is filled with memorable and deeply moving events.

NieR Automata was developed by Platinum Games and Square Enix and is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It has already sold over 5 million copies. The work of Yoko Taro, who is known for her unique style, resonated with the gamers and elevated the saga's appeal to new heights.

Without a sure, this declaration is welcome news for supporters, especially following Taro's recent comments that the saga was over unless he was handed a mountain of money.

Finally, as you can see, the next Platinum Games game, Babylon's Fall, will have a first-season partnership with NieR Automata.

This collaboration will result in new skins, enemies, and even a dungeon based on the game. From March 3, 2022, Babylon's Fall will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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