Why Did One Of The Witcher's Most Heartbreaking Deaths Have To Happen?

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich discusses why the saddest death was required, despite the fact that season 2 of The Witcher has given us a few horrible deaths.

Why Did One Of The Witcher's Most Heartbreaking Deaths Have To Happen?

The Witcher universe on Netflix continues to grow, with the second season of the series now accessible and a spin-off in the works. Despite departing from the original material in some ways, Andrjez Sapkowski appears to be pleased with the new episodes, and the season receives a near-perfect rating.

Season 2 of the program has gotten even more dramatic, with some unexpected fatalities, but creator Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has spoken up about one of the most heartbreaking we've seen, as well as why it was essential.

Watch out, starting here are some spoilers for The Witcher season 2 !

Geralt de Rivia's horse, Sardinilla, has become a symbol of the character, accompanying him on his journeys. Because warlocks live longer than normal people, Geralt has had multiple horses over the course of his career, all of which he refers to by the same name.

This feature had not yet been incorporated in the series, and Geralt of Rivia seemed to constantly be escorted by the same horse up until now. However, we see the on-screen death of Sardinilla in episode 6 of the second season, when Geralt decides to compassionately kill the animal after it was hurt by a winged monster.

"I know, I know. It's horrible. But there are several things ... the first, is that horses do not live as long as witches. We already knew from how we told the story in season 1, from the progression of time, that his horse, which we will call Sardinilla 1, had already finished his natural life ", explained the showrunner.

"We realized we didn't want him to just disappear between stories, off screen. If we were going to let Sardinilla go, we wanted him to have a heroic moment ..." Schmidt Hissrich continued. "I know I keep saying 'he' ... [...] All horses are male because we tested Henry Cavill with mares and he is too big to ride on a female."

"So we wanted Sardinilla to have her moment, and it was also vital to capture the fact that Geralt has a lot of Small Sardines in the books. It lives a long time, and the new Sardine is also known as that; it is part of the life cycle."

Why Did One Of The Witcher's Most Heartbreaking Deaths Have To Happen?

"One of the things that strikes me as particularly indicative of Geralt's character is how pure and wonderful his relationship with these horses is, and how he recognizes that they are departing and that he must choose a new one," the showrunner stated. "For him, this horse becomes a model of true friendship."

With Geralt soothing his horse and quoting a few phrases from the novels that had been left out for the time being, Cavill was able to improvise the scene.

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