What the Post-Credit Scenes in Eternals Mean

There are two post-credit scenes in The Eternals that are crucial to the MCU's future. Let's take a look at what they imply and how they can help the Eternals.

What the Post-Credit Scenes in Eternals Mean

Disney Plus Eternals, one of the most ambitious films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has finally come. We were pleased with Eternals, as we stated in our review, although many critics saw it as one of Marvel's poorest.

In any event, there is one component of Eternals that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of viewers: the post-credit scenes. There are two in total, and both are important to the University of Central Missouri.

We're going to explain what the Eternals post-credit sequences signify, so if you haven't watched it yet, don't keep reading because it will ruin the experience for us.

Are you all set? Let's start with the first post-credit scene, which occurs right after the movie ends and is sure to irritate at least one of them.

In reality, long before the film's theatrical debut, the presence of this figure was disclosed. A weird figure named Pip and a "gallant" who claims to be an Eternal like them, nicknamed Eros, emerge out of nowhere to assist the Eternals who have remained in the ship. It's about Thanos' younger brother!

We've already established that Eros is a pivotal figure in Marvel, who has had his ups and downs with Thanos himself in the comics. Because we've already been told that the characters will return, it appears to be a vital piece in a possible Eternals 2.

The conversations themselves explain a lot of the situation, but in case you don't know who Eros is, he was a member of the Avengers in the comics under the moniker Starfox. He has better strength, speed, and intelligence to other Eternals despite being a "mongrel" of Eternals from Earth and Titan (at least in the comics).

He's even better at teleporting, flying, and manipulating cosmic energy than his comrades. How much of this will be mirrored in future films? Pip, on the other hand, is a bizarre being tied to Adam Warlock and other "cosmic" beings from Marvel's past.

What the Post-Credit Scenes in Eternals Mean

It has a decent amount of strength and the ability to teleport. As you might expect, he frequently employs comedic relief in his interventions...

Let's go on to Eternals' second post-credit scene, which occurs at the very end. It shows how Dane Whitman, Kit Harington's character, resolves to revisit the "complex background of his family" that he described earlier in the film.

We watch how he wields an unusual weapon and hears enigmatic voices... For those unfamiliar with Dane Whitman, he is the alter identity of Black Knight, a superhero who has previously been a member of the Avengers or the Defenders.

The Ebon Sword, which offers invulnerability to its wielder and can repel magical attacks, is the weapon he discovers and which appears to "tempt" him.

What the Post-Credit Scenes in Eternals Mean

The inverse is that it corrupts whoever wears it until it reveals its darker side, therefore this character, as you could expect, has a lot of inner demons.

As a result, we can expect to see the Black Knight battling on the side of the Eternals in the future to defend his beloved... Or perhaps in a different group? When asked if she'd like to join the Avengers, Kit Harington answered she'd love to... but only time will tell.

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