They spend over two million euros for a Dune book that can be read for free.

A group of Dune lovers invests in cryptocurrency to purchase an art book worth more than two million euros that may be read for free for an extended period of time.

They spend over two million euros for a Dune book that can be read for free.

We've been hearing more and more about crypto art, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs in the last year, with more and more groups being interested in the novelty, and several celebrities hopping on the bandwagon without truly understanding what it's all about.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it appears that many of those active in these crypto groups are also unaware of how copyright works or how to simply own files.

And it is that Spice DAO, a group of Dune aficionados, stated yesterday that they had obtained an original copy of Alejandro Jodowsky's Dune art book, a collection that includes both conceptual imagery from the project and Alejandro Jodowsky's notes on the project's disastrous adaptation.

According to Spice DAO, they spent 2.66 million euros for this book. It should be noted that the book is not the sole copy that remains; there was a short print run, and it is thought that there are still approximately ten copies left; nonetheless, one of these books was sold for well over $40,000 a few years ago.

Not only has this joke cost them a lot of money, but Spice DAO also disclosed that now that they own the book, their objective is to share it with the world as well as create a limited animation series to sell to a streaming platform.

This alleged auction, which has also been quite controversial due to the Ponzi pyramid and other scams and money laundering that involve many crypto transactions, has been widely publicized on social media, even though this particular art book has been freely available in digital format for quite some time.

Spice DAO claims to wish to preserve the book, which appears to be an excuse to sell their exclusive tokens featuring inner photographs. It's worth noting that the book was scanned and shot last year and may be read and enjoyed for free without having to engage in crypto trading.

Aside from the excessive price this group would have spent for a copy of the book, some have pointed out that copyright does not work that way, and that buying a book does not automatically grant permission to create and sell a derivative project such as an anime series.

If Spice DAO's project is too close to Frank Herbert's narrative, or to Jodorowsky's material, or to the artists whose work is featured in the book, copyright objections will be filed quickly. Not only that, but developing and selling an animated series is a difficult task, and Dune is not a story that lends itself to adaptation.

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