They grab photos from streamers and youtubers and use them to market as NFT without their permission

An OpenSea official admits that the practice is illegal and that these accounts will be deleted. They benefit from the sale of photographs of streamers and youtubers such as NFT.

They grab photos from streamers and youtubers and use them to market as NFT without their permission

The leisure and entertainment business is on the verge of adopting blockchain technology. We've already seen examples such as the Castlevania NFT collection and the assistance of firms like as Ubisoft and EA.

The issue arises when these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are created illegally, which is more common than it appears. The Gamer Media has reported on the most recent dispute.

Alanah Pearce (whose private images were stolen), as well as streamers Jim Sterling and Caddicarus, making it apparent that this is the current criminal trend with NFTs.

What exactly does it entail? Well, in the stealing of photos and data from streamers, developers, and youtubers in order to sell illicit NFTs on sites like OpenSea. Of course, this is without permission or license.

It doesn't end there, though. In addition to selling photographs or logos, it has been discovered that YouTube or Twitch channels, as well as private images, are sold as non-fungible tokens on these platforms.

To make matters worse, some female industry insiders claim that false "edits," such as pornographic magazine covers, sexual montages, and other NFT content, are being marketed.

Alanah Pearce, a scriptwriter for Sony Santa Monica (God of War), discovered how an image of herself was starring in a porn magazine without a license and with a "official" logo.

"In incredibly expected news, someone has taken an image of me that I own, slapped a proprietary pornographic logo to it, and'minted' it to sell for profit as NFTs." They didn't ask my consent, of course."

The OpenSea administrators were contacted by the Gamer medium. They claim that accounts that have stolen and plagiarized this content will be suspended, but that their users will retain their freedom.

"OpenSea promotes an open and creative environment in which people have more control and ownership of digital objects of all kinds. One of our core values is to empower authors and their viewers by preventing plagiarism and theft on our platform."

There is now no tool in place to prevent this illicit behaviour, putting NFTs in the middle of the storm once again. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe NFTs can have a good impact on the video game industry?

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