{Switch} The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 has been reduced to € 139 and is currently on sale on Amazon.

If you own an Xbox or prefer to play on a computer, there's good news: Microsoft's most powerful model is available for a very low price.

The Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 has been reduced to € 139 and is currently on sale on Amazon.

In recent years, wireless controllers have broadened their appeal, owing in part to the release of the Nintendo Switch, which has hundreds of official and unlicensed variants that function on other platforms such as mobile phones and computers.

Microsoft, which sells various great controllers not just for Windows, but also for its Xbox, has the most to say in this instance. The greatest of them all is the Elite Series 2, which we were able to test and which is currently on sale on Amazon for only 139 euros.

There are a number of features that make this controller an excellent investment, particularly if you enjoy playing with maximum performance.

For example, the resistance of its triggers and buttons can be totally customized, allowing you to make them "harder" or "softer" to suit your preferences, which no other control provides.

Of course, for the price it has, 139 euros, it is a significant investment, but it is now slightly less expensive than usual thanks to Amazon Spain's 22 percent discount, which has boosted its sales in recent days.

The battery's autonomy is also remarkable, reaching up to 40 hours in certain situations, though this, as always, depends a lot on how you use it and what game you're playing.

Amazon offers free shipping on orders over 39 euros, which is the standard requirement. You do not need an Amazon Prime account, but if you do, your order will arrive much sooner at your home.

You can take advantage of Prime's free trial month, which not only expedites purchase delivery but also gives you access to the Prime Video catalog as well as free Prime Gaming games and awards.

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