The awards for Dying Light 2 have been revealed: there are 58 challenges in the game

All of Dying Light 2's trophies have finally been revealed. The open-world, zombie-infested sequel will have plenty of obstacles to overcome.

The awards for Dying Light 2 have been revealed: there are 58 challenges in the game

Dying Light 2 will be published in February, and you shouldn't expect any additional delays. The game is already getting ready for its anticipated release, as evidenced by the trophy list.

These specific reward challenges were made public after the list was published on Exophase, a website dedicated to trophy collecting. This is the PlayStation version; the Xbox and PC versions should be identical.

If you're a trophy hunter, you'll be happy to hear that there are 58 distinct trophies that will get you to Platinum. Of course, if you don't want to know any of them, don't read the material because it may contain Dying Light 2 spoilers from the story or content.

We find a little bit of everything among the trophies, and many of them may be categorized into several categories such as collectibles, story completion, and unlocking enhancements (everything related to progress).

Some will be tied to the player's own abilities, such as defeating 20 foes with melee weapons in a row without taking damage. We must also consider statistics prizes, such as killing x adversaries with a specific weapon.

There will be a lot to accomplish in Dying Light 2, and for those of you who were most concerned about the game's length (500 hours was indicated), I'm afraid we don't have enough information yet to estimate how long it will take to complete these 58 trophies/achievements.

And, speaking of content, don't worry about getting bored; Techland has already stated that Dying Light 2 will receive material for the next five years, including story DLC.

Remember that Dying Light 2 will be released on all platforms on February 4, 2022, including the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, and even a cloud version of the Nintendo Switch.

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