Sony refreshes the Psygnosis name and logo, as well as the Lemmings and WipeOut studies

Psygnosis, the firm behind Lemmings and WipeOut, has updated its identity and logo. Keep in mind that this does not imply that the classic studio will rise from the ashes.

Sony refreshes the Psygnosis name and logo, as well as the Lemmings and WipeOut studies

Psygnosis' trademark in North America has been renewed by Sony. This announcement from the studio behind the original Lemmings and WipeOut games does not imply that it will return in 2022.

As previously said, this does not imply that the study will be repeated this year. It's possible that Sony has redesigned everything to prevent anyone in North America from utilizing the Psygnosis brand or owl logo.

But that all transpired just a few months after Sony announced the purchase of Firesprite, its "successor." This studio is now collaborating with Guerrilla on Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR2 on PS5.

The Psygnosis trademark was registered in the United States in 1997, according to the registration history. It was not formally registered until July 10, 2001, despite the fact that it had been registered in the United Kingdom before to that date.

In North America, trademarks are valid for ten years, and Sony sent the renewal notice on July 7, 2011. However, this turned out to be odd, because the Psygnosis trademark was dropped in the 2000s, and SCE Studio Liverpool took its place.

Although Sony was relieved by this request in July, it resubmitted a trademark registration in December, which was accepted, safeguarding it until 2031.

As you can see, shielding everything related to Psygnosis is a regular procedure. This stops anyone else from using the Sony studio's brand.

Psygnosis was established in 1984 and quickly became known for developing high-quality PC and console games. Serrano wrote in the tweet, "Well renowned for her Amiga titles like Lemmings, WipeOut, Lula World, G-Police at SCE Studio Liverpool."

Sony bought the studio in 1993, and it went on to create some of the best PlayStation titles. Some of them have become well-known, such as the Destruction Derby case and the Formula One saga.

It was renamed SCE Studio Liverpool in 2000 and closed in 2012, after which it was divided into numerous studios made up of former employees, one of which was Firesprite.

Unfortunately, the death of Ian Hetherington, co-founder of Psygnosis and creator of hits like Wipeout and Lemmings, occurred in the year 2021.

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