Phil Spencer believes Sony is correct to offer a PlayStation Game Pass, calling it "inevitable."

The Xbox director believes that creating a PlayStation Pass was the right decision, that it was inevitable, and that it is what the players want: "it is the perfect solution."

Phil Spencer believes Sony is correct to offer a PlayStation Game Pass, calling it "inevitable."

Xbox Game Pass impacted the game console's trajectory forever. Microsoft's Xbox One generation was not going as planned, and the launch of the service was a watershed moment. Phil Spencer deserves all of the credit.

The service's godfather and Xbox manager is confident in its viability. And it's the fact that Xbox and PC gamers can access a massive library of video games for a ridiculously low price.

Phil Spencer addressed the current Spartacus speculations in an interview with IGN. You know, the hypothetical PS5 and PS4 subscription service that will be modeled after the Game Pass model.

Despite the fact that Sony has yet to announce its existence, many people believe Spartacus will be the most sought-after PlayStation Game Pass. Spencer is certain that this is the correct and unavoidable response.

The Xbox manager, who is neither short nor lazy, assures that this sort of service is the ideal solution for the player, who may play the games he wants in the environment and settings he wants.

" So it makes sense to me when I hear others doing things like Game Pass or coming to PC because I believe that's the appropriate answer."

Backward compatibility is discussed in further depth in this topic. You may already be aware that Xbox Series lets you to play games from earlier Xbox consoles, and there has recently been rumors of PS5 games being backwards compatible with PS3 games (it is already possible to play PS4 games).

Phil Spencer believes Sony is correct to offer a PlayStation Game Pass, calling it "inevitable."

"A lot of these things are intertwined, from backwards compatibility to a method to construct a library of games that are available on both PC and consoles at the same time."

Of course, after Game Pass, Spencer makes it obvious that they did not invent gunpowder and that they do not own the idea. In fact, if Sony develops a similar concept, Microsoft will consider themselves to have made the right decision.

The Xbox director feels that every company should commit to this launch philosophy once again. That is, make the main games available on subscription services from the start.

"I believe the correct response is to produce amazing games, distribute them on PC, console, and cloud platforms, and make them available on subscription from day one." And I'm hoping our competition will do the same."

If confirmed, Spartacus would be the ideal Game Pass for PS5 and PS4, rebalancing the industry and paving the way for a brighter future. Not unexpectedly, the Microsoft service is attracting a growing number of supporters.

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