Logan Paul Confirms That The $3.5 Million First Edition Pokémon Cards He Paid For Were Fake

The well-known youtuber (who fought Floyd Mayweather for eight rounds) reveals that the Pokémon cards he paid 3.5 million dollars for were fake.

Logan Paul Confirms That The $3.5 Million First Edition Pokémon Cards He Paid For Were Fake

The Pokémon craze is still going strong around the world. We're not referring about Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl or the impending Pokémon Legends Arceus, but rather the official cards.

These Pokémon cards were popular again in 2020 and last year, with celebrities such as El Rubius purchasing card packs. These have been revalued to previously unheard-of prices all around the world.

But what if you're duped out of $3.5 million? This is what happened to Logan Paul, a well-known YouTuber best remembered for his epic boxing battle against Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul has revealed that the first edition Pokémon cards he purchased in December 2020 were fraudulent in his recent video. As soon as you hear it. He bought them for $ 3.5 million.

This pack was intended to be one of the great relics of the official Pokémon card collection. Despite the fact that its legitimacy was certified, it turned out to be one of the largest con jobs in history.

Why were they purchased for $3.5 million? To begin with, because they are from the first edition... but also because it was the "only known sealed box" of that batch in principle.

The truth is that the situation had a terrible odor from the start. Logan confirmed the package's legitimacy, but in the following weeks, more first-edition Pokémon cards began to appear on auction sites like eBay.

Logan finally made the decision to confront the truth. Surrounded by specialists, the youtuber unpacked the boxes and discovered a rare scam: collectible GI Joe cards.

Several experts and Pokébeach members looked into the seller's accounts and confirmed that it was a Canadian fraud. It had no reviews or remarks, implying that it had been a misfortune.

This set of Pokémon cards is apparently also available for purchase separately (each pack costs $ 400,000). And the point is that there is a similar deal for the complete collection, but at a considerably lower price than Logan paid.

Logan Paul isn't the first person to purchase a box of Pokémon cards. He once paid $ 2 million for an envelope of unopened first-edition letters, which he would later resell or auction on social media.

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