In Japan, Sega registers the trademark "Sega NFT."

Sega is still experimenting with NFT technology. In the midst of controversial pronouncements, the Japanese corporation has registered the "Sega NFT" trademark in its home country.

In Japan, Sega registers the trademark "Sega NFT."

Since spring 2020, NFTs have grown significantly, but they continue to maintain and cause worries in the video game business. We're talking about the players, not the companies.

Sega was one of the first to hop on the bandwagon. However, in the face of these "bad reactions" from the players, the board's protests and criticism forced them to suspend their NFTs.

And it was only after learning this that we discovered Sega had registered the brand "Sega NFT" with the Japan Patent Office. This mark was requested towards the end of December, it should be noted.

Is this a sign that Sega's NFT ambitions will move forward? Many people are perplexed by Satomi's comments, which stated that Sega's plans with NFT technology would be considered if customers saw it as a straightforward way to make money.

We would like to test many experiments in terms of NFT, and we have already begun many different research and considerations, but nothing has been decided about P2E (pay to earn) at this time, commented the command.

Many things must be carefully evaluated, such as how to neutralize undesirable elements, how much of this can be incorporated into Japanese regulation, and what will and will not be accepted by users, he continued. You'll have to wait some more.

NFTs appear to be fraught with debate. We just learned today that Troy Baker, the original voice of Joel in The Last of Us, has joined with an NFT company, and it hasn't taken long for him to receive backlash. What are your thoughts on this contentious issue?

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