In 2022, here are the top 50 FRIV games to play for free

Surely you enjoy playing free games on your computer or mobile device, and we have the solution for you: simple but entertaining browser games.

In 2022, here are the top 50 FRIV games to play for free

And it's that you'll be able to start 2022 with this collection of 50 Friv games spanning all genres, which will keep you entertained for several hours.

Every week, we'll bring you a list of free games for your consoles and PCs, with options for subscription platforms and digital shops (PS Store, eShop...).

They are not, however, the only options to play for free. There are numerous pages where you may find a large number of completely free games in a variety of genres that you can play directly from your browser.

FRIV is an example of a website that brings together a variety of browser-based games that you can play on your PC, mobile device, or even an Xbox (using the Edge browser).

We've previously discussed FRIV games, spotlighting the top 25 titles at the time, but now it's time to give you an update on what's new on the platform in recent months.

There are a lot of free games on FRIV, but you'll need to know what genre they're in to find them. There are games for all preferences, including platforms, driving games, shooters, two-player games, RPGs, and much more.

Do you want to start 2022 by playing for free? The top FRIV games to play for free in 2022 are FRIV: The greatest FRIV games to play for free in 2022; accessible for PC, mobile, and Xbox.

What does FRIV stand for? is one of the top websites for free online games. Worse, there's no need to download anything and you can start playing right away in your browser.

Don't worry, because FRIV has a wide variety of free games to choose from, including options for two players, action, adventure, driving, shooters, puzzles, and more.

On the platform, there are approximately 300 mini-games, some of which are more basic than others, and some of which have official licenses, such as Marvel's Avengers Hydra Dash.

There are lifelong classics like Sonic the Hedgehog and 4 Colors (a Uno adaption) in FRIV, as well as titles designed to be played with friends or family. Everything is there... literally.

It may appear that it is solely intended for use on a computer, however this is not the case. You can also use your touch screen instead of your keyboard to access and start playing from your mobile device.

FRIV can even be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This is done using the Microsoft console's web browser (Edge), and the process is fairly smooth.

To play FRIV games, you must have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, mobile device, or console. Otherwise, there's a chance that many games will have issues and crashes.

Top Categories and Top 50 Free FRIV Games


Dino Mission 2 is one of the best games to play for free with your friends on FRIV. This action platform starring two friendly dinosaurs has everything you need to keep you hooked: cash, prehistoric foes, and a variety of weaponry to help you progress.

If you're still not convinced, try 3D Arena Racing or the classic platformer Bip and Pip Ice Fortress, which has multiple sequels.


Are you a fan of Marvel superheroes? If that's the case, you should play Marvel Avengers Hydra Dash, a fast-paced FRIV action game that puts you in the shoes of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and other MCU characters. It appears simple at first, but the challenge gradually increases.

Other excellent choices include Zombotron 2 and LA Rex, two action-packed offerings that will make even the most nostalgic fan fall in love.

Two games are highlighted in this article. On the one hand, there's the classic RPG Quest for the Book of Truth, which, thanks to its 8-bit graphics and concept, will remind you a lot of The Legend of Zelda.

Demon Castle, Super Onion Boy, and Coco Monkey are all colorful action-adventure games that appear like they could have come from the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo period.

Do you have a soft spot for the legendary Uno? Well, 4 Colors is the closest thing you'll find among the top free FRIV games, with four player options and a variety of fully customized features. However, there are plenty alternative games available.

Also available is Blocky Snakes, a creative puzzle game featuring a snake... that must avoid the most hazardous snakes and travel forward while devouring smaller ones


Almost everyone who plays on FRIV agrees on one thing: Moto X3M is a humorous game, one of the greatest, with a variety of bikes to pick from, many obstacles, and a lot of fury.

Of course, it isn't the only game available. Imagine a driving game in which the protagonist is a pipe. Of course, there is, and it is that Pipe Riders is far more difficult than it appears. Take a chance and give it a shot.

If you enjoy shooting games, Air Dogs of WW2 is a must-try. This aerial combat simulator lets you pick a side (allies or Axis) and fight in some of WWII's most violent battles.

You might like a setting that is more futuristic. No Duck's Sky is the best conceivable homage to the Hello Games game, and its zany proposition will win you over (ducks conquering space at the rhythm of a gun).


Without further ado, Minecraft Basic (the 2009 basic edition) is the ideal option if you enjoy letting your imagination run wild. And it's because this is the most accessible version of the Mojang game, which you can play on any computer or in your browser.

Sand Box will hook you from the first minute if you want to try something new. Basically, it asks you to make patterns out of different colored sand in a Tetris-style game.


Subway Surfers is the free FRIV game for you if you're looking for something fast-paced and amazing. Step into the shoes of an intrepid young man and prove your worth in Jet Set Radio-style skate races, stunt tournaments, and mini-games.

Crazy Gravity, a classic platform game set in space, is another excellent alternative. Gravity, of course, will play a crucial role in progressing through the stages.

Battle of Tanks is a must-try for anybody who like war games. This game is a cross between a Tower Defense and a strategy game in which you must overcome other generals utilizing various tactics, tank upgrades... and, of course, your ingenuity.

Perhaps the intriguing setting of Clash of Orcs, an action game starring an orc and his deft mace, appeals to you. Clash of Tanks is a war variant of the game.


Moto X3M is a fantastic game, but it's even better when you play it in the Winter Edition's snowy landscapes. What could be better than giving this furious racing game a run for its money now that we're in the heart of winter?

Sophie Snowball, FRIV's snowiest and coldest platformer, might be of interest to you. As you may expect, the mechanics of tossing snowballs will be crucial to progress.

If you're interested in playing any of the top FRIV games of 2022, you already know that you may start playing right away without having to download anything. Will you give the platform a shot during the holidays?

Of course, FRIV is a terrific option all year, but it's even better at this time of year for family reunions. You'll have a terrific time for free... but be careful, because the spades are insured.

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