If Netflix wants to stay in Russia, it will have to stream government channels

 In March, the modification will be reflected.

If Netflix wants to stay in Russia, it will have to stream government channels

The Russian authorities turned their attention to Netflix and haven't looked away since. After fining the platform in a widely panned move, the government will now require that it transmit its official channels if it wants to stay in business in the country.

According to The Moscow Times (via Qore), Netflix will be required to offer broadcasts from 20 Russian official stations beginning in March 2022. This is because it has been classified as a "audiovisual service" by the government. This is significant since the laws stipulate that all products cataloged in this manner must include state channels.

Channel One, Russia's first television channel; NTV, a television channel focused on entertainment programming; and Spas, a channel dedicated to Russia's Orthodox Church, are among the networks Netflix will have to provide. This content will only be available to Netflix subscribers who access the service while in Russian territory.

It's worth noting that Netflix won't be the only streaming service forced to comply with this if it wants to operate in Russia. All streaming services with more than 100,000 daily subscribers will be categorized as audiovisual services, according to the authorities. They should be able to offer the 20 state channels as well as establish a headquarters in Russia using this.

Another crucial element is that "extremist content" will not be displayed by Internet content firms operating in Russia. They will have to pay a fee if they do not, as Netflix and Google have already done. While it can be used to hide sensitive and dangerous content, it can also be used to discriminate and censor people.

Netflix has not responded to this situation as of yet.

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