"Have you read any comics?" Michael Keaton asks, blaming Joel Schumacher for his departure as Batman

The famous actor who will reprise his role as Batman from 1989 in The Flash has revealed that the late filmmaker had a vision that was extremely different from his own.

"Have you read any comics?" Michael Keaton asks, blaming Joel Schumacher for his departure as Batman

Michael Keaton, the famous actor who brought the first Batman film to life in 1989 with Tim Burton's original adaptation, will soon reprise his role as the Dark Knight in The Flash, a film that promises to turn the DCEU on its head while also fulfilling the wish of many fans to see Keaton's Batman in action. But why did the actor abandon the role after 1992's Batman Returns, which was also directed by Tim Burton? Michael Keaton has been real in his praise of the late filmmaker Joel Schumacher and his version of the Gotham vigilante.

Michael Keaton was adamant about not finishing Batman Forever.

As a result, "it was always Bruce Wayne, never Batman" that drew Michael Keaton to the part, something that erupted in Tim Burton's first two films. Following the filmmaker's departure for a third picture, director Joel Schumacher returned to take up Batman Forever, bringing his unique take on the character with him. "I told Joel Schumacher I wouldn't be able to accomplish it." "I realized that he was not going to give in after a few meetings when I kept trying to shorten the process and maybe convince him not to proceed in that way," Michael Keaton revealed.

"I recall walking away from a situation thinking, 'Oh my God, I can't do this.' 'I don't see why everything needs to be so gloomy and sad,' the director responded. 'Wait a minute, you know how this guy got Batman?' I said. Have you ever read a comic book? "I mean... It's really easy," Keaton says, admitting that he departed the film due to the two's awful creative disagreements. Then came Val Kilmer, followed by George Clooney. The rest, as they say, is history.

In any case, the Batman With what appears to be the departure of Ben Affleck in his own version of Batman, Michael Keaton will return in The Flash in a vital role for the future of the DC universe in cinema.

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