Fans are once again requesting a remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica from Capcom

Fans of Resident Evil launch a petition to have Capcom rebuild Resident Evil Code Veronica, one of the series' most overlooked episodes.

Fans are once again requesting a remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica from Capcom

There's no doubting that Capcom isn't doing a good job with its flagship brand, Resident Evil. The releases are practically annual, with new releases and remakes alternated. Last year, Resident Evil Village was one of the best games of the year. The new remake has something to do with... Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 is rumored to be the next remake under development by Capcom, as it is the next in number... but not in the narrative. Fans are aware that the fourth RE is Resident Evil Code Veronica.

JJ, the founder of a Resident Evil fan website and the producer of Vigil, an indie video game inspired by the original RE with fixed cameras, has launched a new appeal to the community on Twitter, requesting that Capcom see that fans desire a Resident Evil remake.

Fans respond to pleas with the hashtag #RemakeCodeVeronica, letting Capcom know that there is a large audience interested in a remake of this game, which is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via a transfer of its version Code Veronica X.

And it might work, because this isn't the first time fans have expressed interest in a remake: two years ago, they conducted a survey to find new remakes, and Code Veronica came out on top by a wide margin.

Whether Capcom does it or not, fans are doing it: photos of a stunning remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica done by fans, which they would share for free, surfaced a few days ago.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica, released in 2000 exclusively for the Dreamcast, is one of the most unusual Resident Evil chapters. It was a direct sequel to Resident Evil 2 and the first game in the series to have genuine 3D visuals, making it a true advancement in the franchise.

However, because it was not dubbed Resident Evil 4 and was labeled as a spin-off by Capcom, as well as the fact that it was launched on the Dreamcast device, which was doomed to obscurity (it was eventually released on PS2 as Code Veronica X), they ensured that this delivery would be forgotten.

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