Critique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on Crunchyroll

The assault against Paradis is still going on. The Jaegers maintain control of the island, and Eren and Zeke are about to meet together to put their plan into action.

Critique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on CrunchyrollCritique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on Crunchyroll

After a long break between the first and second parts of the last season of Attack on the Titans, the action anime returned on January 9 with a new batch of episodes.

The anime series' chapter 77 debuted yesterday, and Crunchyroll Premium subscribers may watch it in Japanese with subtitles on the platform.

We're in the midst of the story's closing fireworks, with Marley's army launching an unexpected attack on Parads in response to the raid on Libero that we saw in the early half of the game.

The stakes are rising, with the Jaegerists seizing control of the island and Eren Jaeger abandoning his comrades in order to carry out his plot against the rest of the globe.

The series is taking its time unraveling the plot and finishing the threads in this last stretch, and the last episode didn't resolve too many cliffhangers for us, but rather acted as a wonderful continuation to the first half of the season.

If we may criticize chapter 76 for having a lot of action and battle but no plot, episode 77 can almost be faulted for the exact opposite. Don't get too excited since this is still an action anime with some fairly amazing combat, but it's a lot quieter than previous episodes in the series.

The previous episode left us in the midst of Reiner and Galliard's titans vs. Eren's conflict. Despite his current power, Eren is having difficulty comparing himself against Reiner's Armored Titan, but he is not giving up and is prolonging the combat as much as possible.

Critique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on Crunchyroll

Although we initially had worries about the transition of animation studio, since MAPPA took over from Wit for the last season, they are erasing all doubts we may have had about the visual department in the second half of the final season.

True, some aspects of the animation style have altered, such as the decision to draw the characters in a finer line or the increased usage of CGI animation, but these changes have clearly benefitted the anime.

Many movements are more fluid, and facial expressions are more severe. Even a finished more "malrollero" makes us understand why these creatures are so terrible. E n especially the Titans has set them up well above CGI, since they have also gained expressiveness and mobility, and even a finished more "malrollero" lets us understand why these creatures are so terrifying. So, while there isn't much action in this chapter, what there is has a ten-point animation.

Everything that appears to be happening in the background during Eren and Reiner's fight is unpainted because of this attention to facial expressions. This episode feels like a bridge episode in some ways, because despite the fact that the plot doesn't seem to progress very much, it is full of schemes and plans on various fronts.

Critique of Attack on Titan Chapter 77, which is currently accessible on Crunchyroll

Armin, Mikasa, Connie, and Jean are currently debating Eren and Zeke's plan and whether or not they can ultimately stop him. Falco, on the other hand, remains a Paradis military prisoner and has absorbed Zeke's spinal fluid, transforming him into a Titan if Zeke utilizes his abilities.

Gabi and Colt have gathered to finish arranging the pieces on the board, and are attempting to rescue him, as Pieck and Marley's army continue to attack the city. Many things are happening at once, as we mentioned, yet the anime's makers manage to give each group time on the screen to move and arrange these parts where they should be.

Despite the fact that there is so much going on, it appears like not much is getting done. The machinery is in action, and it appears that we are heading in the right direction, yet it's likely that chapter 77 of Attack on Titan leaves us with a taste of filler and little feelings.

Without giving anything away, this pace continues all the way to the conclusion, as they save the firecracker for the very last second and again leave us with a surprising moment and a very large cliffhanger for the next chapter, as Eren's intentions may be jeopardized unexpectedly.

There are 10 episodes left till the fourth and final season concludes. This episode has helped us develop tactics and the characters have finally begun to go forward. So, maybe, in the next episode, some of these plans will come to fulfillment.

I should also mention that, while the new Attack on Titan episodes are currently exclusively available to Premium subscribers, they will be available to all Crunchyroll subscribers after a few days, along with the rest of the anime.

ASSESSMENT: If the previous episode was to fault for a lot of action and little plot development, chapter 77 of Attack on the Titans almost commits the same sin. It feels like a bridging chapter in some ways, with a lot of strategy and moving characters but little action, giving the impression that nothing happens until the climactic fireworks.

THE BEST: MAPPA animation, which has dramatically improved the titans' aesthetic style and character expressiveness.

WORST: It's a lot quieter chapter, with a greater emphasis on strategy and action. It appears to be a transitional chapter.

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