Chris Hana, the CEO of Esports Observer, has resigned to join Epics Collectibles

The Esports Observer's Co-Founder and CEO, Christopher Hana, has stated that he would be leaving the media platform to join the Epic Collectibles executive team.

Chris Hana, the CEO of Esports Observer, has resigned to join Epics Collectibles

Hana indicated on LinkedIn that she will continue to work as a consultant for The Esports Observer and its parent business, Leaders Group Holdings LLC.

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His role at Epics Collectibles, according to his statement, will entail assisting the company's expansion.

"I will be working on digital experiences and linking them with physical aspects, something that I am particularly enthusiastic about," Hana said on LinkedIn.

"Through Kolex, the most feature-rich white label NFT platform I've ever seen, I'll also assist brands in creating and launching individual NFT experiences based on their IP."

The Esports Observer was acquired by Advance Publications and integrated into the Sports Business Journal website last year during Hana's tenure. The media portal has also won the Esports Awards thrice.

"Of course, I didn't do it alone," he added, "but with a fantastic team and a lot of fans that believed in me and the concept."

Hana worked as a mentor at Stadia Ventures and a personal growth coach at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management before co-founding The Esports Observer. Prior to that, he worked at Sports Business Journal as the Managing Director of Esports Business.

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Epics Collectibles, which was founded in 2017, is an esports collectibles platform that offers a marketplace and trading system for digital and physical sports trading cards.

The company's objective, according to its website, is to "bring the rush, gratification, and long-term value of collecting business cards to the next generation of enthusiasts."

This statement comes as a great surprise, especially given the nature of Christopher Hana's new attempt, according to Esports While the specifics of her new position have yet to be announced, Hana's comment demonstrates her enthusiasm for the future of NFTs. It will be interesting to see how Epic Collectibles does in the future, as well as whether The Esports Observer's direction changes as a result of this news.

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