Animal Crossing's absolute queen is 90 years old and has played for almost 4,500 hours

Audrey, Animal Crossing's renowned grandma, was given many gifts relating to this Nintendo license for her 90th birthday, and she has undoubtedly spent far more time playing this game than you have.

Animal Crossing's absolute queen is 90 years old and has played for almost 4,500 hours

There are video game licenses for people of all ages, and the best example is the Animal Crossing series, a Nintendo title that has embraced several Nintendo consoles and smashed all kinds of records with its current version for Nintendo Switch, a game with a flesh-and-blood protagonist.

And it is that a 90-year-old grandmother became famous a few years ago after demonstrating that she had accumulated more than 3,500 hours of play at Animal Crossing New Leaf, and that he has just celebrated his 90th birthday with the new installment of the series after becoming a community pet and even being integrated into the form of a character in the game.

And it's that, despite receiving a Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition with the game when she was 88, she's now gotten more license-related presents at the age of 90.

Audrey, in the guise of a she-wolf of a particular age who interacts with visitors to the island, was even incorporated into the game by the developers themselves. In the game, she is known as Audie in English and Monica in Spanish.

Audrey, who has already put in over 4,500 hours on various Animal Crossing deliveries, will undoubtedly be able to keep the license for many more years.

Nintendo is working on various improvements for Animal Crossing New Horizons, a game that is a true console seller and allows players to build their own island while also allowing their imagination and creativity to run wild.

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