According to Cory Barlog, game creators requested that their titles be released on PC

God of War is now available on PC, thanks to a group of developers who, according to director Cory Barlog, persuaded Sony to open it to the PC market.

According to Cory Barlog, game creators requested that their titles be released on PC

God of War for PC provides a whole new audience to enjoy one of the best games of recent years... and for those who previously played it on PS4 in 2018, it lets them to rediscover it with astonishing technical enhancements, especially if they have super widescreen monitors.

Some fans have criticized the gradual entrance of first-party games from PlayStation to PC, which seemed inconceivable only a few years ago. Sony's choice to offer their games on PC was, however, something the designers themselves desired.

When asked how much impact the creators had on Sony's decision to open up to the PC market, the game's director, Cory Barlog, responded in an interview with GameInformer: "I believe it was a collection of studios who were all saying the same thing. It was a fantastic idea."

"It eventually reached a breaking point. We'd sent so many ideas that it was almost as if they were saying, "We're weary of hearing this, well, let's do it." It's a methodical procedure. We're still figuring out how we'll accomplish it as a company and as individual studios, as well as the process and approach."

New gamers will be able to play it, according to both Barlog and Head of Technical Production Matt DeWald. "We sold around 20 million copies on consoles (about 19.5 million), but it's astonishing to hear that some people have yet to experience it. They probably won't play it on console if they haven't already."

However, this does not indicate that God of War Ragnarok will be released on PC, and Barlog has no idea because it is not in his hands. "Right now, we're going game by game to see whether people will love it, if we did it well, if we did it incorrectly, and what we can do better in the future... But, in the end, Sony has the final say."

They did note, however, that several of the PC port's upgrades and accessibility features will be carried over to the next PS5 and PS4 releases.

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