Gamestop: Rise of the Players is a must-see documentary about a "miracle" player

The documentary Gamestop: Rise of the Players, directed by Jonah Tulis, was recently released in American theaters to explain the GameStop phenomenon.

Gamestop: Rise of the Players is a must-see documentary about a "miracle" player

The GameStop video game retail chain became an unprecedented phenomenon at the start of last year. The surprise spike in GameStop's shares as Reddit users rallied together to save a chain from extinction was the reason for so many headlines.

Game Stop: The Rise of the Players is a documentary that debuted in American theaters on Friday to explain how all of these events unfolded and what role users played in resurrecting GameStop.

Justin Dopierala, the founder of Domo Capital Management and the man credited with triggering this "miracle" player, is one of the numerous people interviewed in the GameStop documentary. Justin Dopierala explained why he believed in the company on the financial website Seeking Alpha earlier this year.

" You begin to get to know these individuals. 'My God, this is like The Big Short, except they all met on the internet,' says Game Stop: The Rise of the Players filmmaker Jonah Tulis. " These folks become wealthy and/or famous overnight. "At least well-known in that world," says Blake J. Harris, the documentary's producer and author of Console Wars (2020).

Several production firms, including Netflix, Discovery+, and The Wall Street Journal, were drawn to this bright trend created by GameStop. They all wanted to tell us their side of the story. Super LTD jumped at the chance to finance and distribute Jonah Tulis' documentary.

Tulis has hired animation studio MindBomb Films to represent GameStop's tale in a 16-bit video game aesthetic, in addition to all of the interviews contained in Game Stop: The Rise of the Players.

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