For Breath of the Wild 2, a Multiverse artist imagines a stunning, matured, and beefier Link

You're going to have a good time with it, Ganon... Don't miss out on a fantastic older, beefier version of Link created by an artist for Breath of the Wild 2. Oh, so this was the Triforce...

For Breath of the Wild 2, a Multiverse artist imagines a stunning, matured, and beefier Link

Link is the epitome of a good and young hero who puts the world's needs ahead of his own. For years, the many The Legend of Zelda games have reinforced that perception. We've seen Link evolve and grow up throughout the years, but he's never lost his childish or adolescent side.

Dan Eder, an artist presently working on Warner's combat game Multiversus, has reimagined Link to make him grown up and stronger than ever in this amazing piece.

Dan Eder explained the creative process behind bringing this meaty adult Link who would feature in Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 to life in a post on Artstation. The end result is quite remarkable, not just because of the design concept, but also because of the high level of quality it emits.

The artist used a Malin Falch fan art image to give Link a unique modeling style comparable to that of a cartoon character, and he documented the process on his Instagram account. Here's what we came up with:

I'd been wanting to do some TLOZ art for a long, but when I saw this incredible illustration by Malin Falch, I knew it was the perfect moment. It was a nice experience overall because I tried to push myself with new hair modeling approaches and rendering workflows. I really hope you enjoy it! , I made a comment on the article.

What are your thoughts on the design? The arm was modeled after a gameplay trailer that was released a few months ago. Do you think it's possible, or do you think Link will always be that calm boy who has taken us on so many adventures?

If you enjoyed it, be sure to check out the rest of this artist's work. Cammy and Chun Li from Street Fighter, who have a Disney-like appearance, Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, and even the protagonist of the hit Netflix series Lady's Gambit are among his works.

Hopefully, Link's transformation in Breath of the Wild 2 isn't quite that drastic, though the trailers have already hinted that our favourite hero will be getting some good news. Are you looking forward to this yet-to-be-named sequel?

The game appears to be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022, but no further details are available at this time. The most recent information we have is that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 could be released in November, according to Peer Schneider.

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