Sony has filed a patent for the construction of online routes for Hideo Kojima's game Death Stranding

Death Stranding players can collaborate to change the game's setting via the online game. This mechanic is now protected by PlayStation.

Sony has filed a patent for the construction of online routes for Hideo Kojima's game Death Stranding

Death Stranding's multiplayer mechanisms allow players to rely on one another to build roads, bridges, and other constructions that alter the game world and make life simpler for the bearers. It's a unique feature in that users can customize the terrain to their needs by voting for the most useful among them. Now, Sony has applied for a patent to protect this concept, which is known as path-building. We don't know if it will appear in future PlayStation games, but it's apparent that the competitors will not be able to exploit this suggestion.

PlayStation is in charge of Death Stranding's path-building mechanics.

The patent was filed four months before Death Stranding was published on PlayStation 4, yet it was only recently granted to Sony. "A terrain radar and progressive creation of a route in the virtual environment of a video game" is how path-building is characterized. The mechanics are described as "enhancing the first route based on the times it has been traversed by one or more characters" in the document.

As previously stated, it is one of the most intriguing aspects of Death Stranding since it explores the notion that we are all connected: users alter the scenario to their needs based on how popular it is through the virtual world built by Kojima Productions. be the path. Players can, as previously said, build roads, bridges, and leave other fascinating objects for users who visit that same location in the future, even if each player's game runs independently.

PlayStation will continue to host Death Stranding's collaborative creation.

What does it signify for Sony to have patented this mechanism? It's simple: like Warner's patent on the Nemesis system, it implies that other creators won't be allowed to incorporate this style of gameplay into their games. If they did, Sony would pursue legal action against them.

Is this the last word? We don't know for sure right now. There have been instances where other corporations have twisted their arm and permitted their patents to be used by others over time. For example, in August, Electronic Arts wished to release five of its patents in order to improve user accessibility.

Death Stranding is now available on PC and PS4, with Death Stranding Director's Cut arriving on PS5 at the end of the summer. "With one of the most innovative and shocking games of recent years, Hideo Kojima unleashes all of his imagination, an epic adventure to rejoin mankind that will not leave anyone unmoved," we noted in our analysis. We invite you to study our tips and tactics guide to help you reconnect with this damaged world.

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