In this startling fanart, Tatiana Maslany rocks like She-Hulk

This fanart gives us an idea of how Tatiana Maslany would portray She-Hulk (Hulka) in the Disney Plus series of the same name.

In this startling fanart, Tatiana Maslany rocks like She-Hulk

In Disney Plus in 2021, the Marvel Cinematic Universe triumphed. Scarlet Witch and Vision kicked off the month, followed by series like Falcón and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What Would Happen If...?, and Hawkeye.

The introduction of Marvel series to complement and broaden the UCM has proven to be a success, allowing characters that had previously been relegated to supporting roles to take center stage on the big screen.

But, like with Ms. Marvel and the character at hand, She-Hulk, also known as Hulka in these parts, they've also become excellent venues for presenting "minor characters" in the UCM.

Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer Walters in one of the forthcoming Disney Plus programs set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We've already seen a few peeks of what the series has in store for us, but we're still waiting for a powerful teaser that demonstrates the series' full potential.

DatrintiArt wanted to envision what Tatiana Maslany would seem like if she were to transform into Jennifer Walters and let her nasty temper out.

The end product is rather striking, resurrecting one of Hulka's Marvel comics outfits, though we may see a slightly different version in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jennifer Walters is a young and accomplished New York lawyer who will have a blood transfusion from her cousin following an accident.

As luck would have it, his cousin was Bruce Banner, who, in addition to his intelligence, possesses a "inner anger" heightened by his exposure to gamma radiation.

Jennifer Walters will be transformed into She-Hulk by Banner's blood, and any criminal who tries to avoid justice will face the consequences, even if it means using sticks.

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