In 2022, ARC Raiders, a free co-op shooter, will be released for PC, PS5, and XSX / S

During The Game Awards, Embark Studios, a studio made up of former Battlefield employees, gives a detailed introduction of the ARC Raiders game. We share everything we know with you.

In 2022, ARC Raiders, a free co-op shooter, will be released for PC, PS5, and XSX / S

This week, ARC Raiders gave us a taste of their proposition, but it wasn't until the night of The Game Awards 2021 that we learned more about what Embark Studios has in store for us. We're talking about a research project led by Battlefield veterans who worked on a new free and cooperative multiplayer shooter. In 2022, it will be accessible for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S in Spain and around the world.

The Raiders team is getting ready to take against the ARCs.

ARC Raiders transports players to a post-apocalyptic world in the far future, where what remains of civilization must band together to combat a common danger: ARC, a "ruthless, mechanical threat from space." Users will put themselves in the shoes of a Raiders unit, a rebel organization trying to defend their land from these invading enemy.

Embark Studios sought to persuade people that this is a game that should be played in groups: "As a Raider, you understand that destroying ARC necessitates more than just pointing and shooting a weapon, and it also necessitates more than a single person attempting to be the hero. Lone wolves never travel very far while the ARC is close."

Action and cooperative games are reimagined in this game.

The developers sought to take the third-person shooter genre to a new level with this project: ARC Raiders aspires to be more than just reloading a weapon with the appropriate ammunition; it aspires to create combat that requires the users' inventiveness. Furthermore, as previously said, the gameplay is fully dependent on teamwork to succeed: "You can vanquish these faceless foes if you work together. Fight, flee, and refine while working side by side with your crew."

We will be able to explore the so-called "ruins of the past" throughout the games, which will offer us with tools and artifacts that will aid us in defeating the adversary. We'll have to adapt our strategies on the go, taking advantage of the environment and physics whenever possible. "If you and your teammates work together successfully, the stars might one day become beacons of hope rather than omens of doom."

We'd like to remind you that ARC Raiders will be released in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 Series X/S. Below these lines, you'll discover a collection of photographs related to the project.

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