If fans express their support, the World Ends With You series may be revived

Despite selling below expectations, NEO producer The World Ends With You reveals that he has ideas for a sequel, which might get the green light if fans show their support and passion.

If fans express their support, the World Ends With You series may be revived

This year, NEO released The World Ends With You, a sequel for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC to the cult game of the same name (without the "NEO") that debuted on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and 2008.

The sequel replaced the characters, but it was again situated in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood, with a very unique combat system, an urban, youthful, and carefree style, a music that mixed j-pop, rock, heavy metal, rap, and so on, and even Spanish translation!

Sadly, despite positive reviews, Square-Enix stated that the game performed "less than expected."

Given that the sequel took over a decade to come and that revenues were not keeping up, the odds of a sequel appear slim. Never, however, say never. Tomohiko Hirano, the series' producer, told Nintendo Life that another installment might be made if fans demonstrate their support.

"To be honest, nothing has been determined about a new installment. However, because the game is based on a real city, there are still many regions that we haven't yet been able to bring to life in games, so a part of me still wants to do it in some way."

" If the players demonstrate their enthusiasm for the game, our firm may decide to allow us to produce a sequel!"

At the very least, Hirano (co-producer with Tetsuya Nomura) wishes to perform more deliveries. Tatsuya Kando, the series' director, also stated that if a sequel is approved, they will listen to the fans.

NEO The World Ends With You is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. The World Ends With You Final Remix, a reworking of the first game, was released in 2018 on the Nintendo Switch. In 2012, an iOS and Android mobile port was released. In 2021, an anime adaptation was also released.

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