Avatar 2: the first look of James Cameron's new human character

Human characters will appear in Avatar 2, including Jake and Neytiri's adopted kid, who will be played by Jack Champion... an actor who starred in Avengers: Endgame.

Avatar 2: the first look of James Cameron's new human character

If there are no more hiccups along the way, we will be heading to the movies in a year to see Avatar 2, the first of many sequels to James Cameron's 2009 mega-hit, which is still the highest grossing picture in history.

Avatar 2 will be set mostly in Pandora's oceans, where we want to witness spectacular creatures brought to life via the magic of technology. But there will be humans as well, and the final image of the film, released by Empire magazine, exposes us to one of the new characters.

Avatar 2: the first look of James Cameron's new human character

It's about Javier Socorro, also known as "Spider," who is played by Jack Champion. Spider (Sam Worthington) is the adopted son of Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), a youngster born at the Pandora military base.

The surviving humans returned to Earth after defeating the Na'vi, but this infant was too young to be fostered by Jake and Neytiri, who will have three children of their own: Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo'ak (Britain Dalton), and Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss).

According to producer Jon Landau, Spider's presence will create interesting dynamics because "Jake liked him, but Neytiri always considered him as one of those who tried to ruin his home and kill his father."

The film's core theme, according to Landau, will be the family. "If you look closely, you'll see that Jim's films have universal themes that transcend any film's genre. In this situation, Jake and Neytiri are discussing the most universal of all topics: family."

"Jake is from the human world, while Neytiri is from the Na'vi. They're like a modern interracial family raising children who don't feel like they belong in either environment."

Landau also revealed some narrative information for Avatar 2, which would take place in part on Earth.

As an aside, Jake Champion, the young actor who plays Spider, had a brief appearance as "the youngster on the bicycle" in the other top earning picture in history, Avengers Endgame. Do you recall?

The sequel to Avatar will be released on December 22, 2022. Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 will be released every two years, with the new Avatar films being released in December, followed by those of Star Wars, allowing Disney to complete its global dominance.

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