According to Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft, NFTs are just the beginning

NFTs, according to Ubisoft's CEO, are just the beginning. The CEO of the research, Yves Guillemot, has equated these criticisms to individuals who received micropayments or loot boxes.

According to Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft, NFTs are just the beginning

This week, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot held a Q&A session with survey participants. In it, he attempts to comfort the studio about his NFTs, assuring them that this is simply the beginning.

According to numerous attendees and confirmed by Kotaku, he also gave imprecise explanations and relied on buzzwords such as " metaverse " and " web 3.0 ", leaving some even more perplexed than they were before.

The meeting, which many sources stated was not scheduled at the start of the week, comes as a result of these announcements. However, it could also be owing to your video's bad reception in negative votes and eventual withdrawal.

The sums range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars. Some at Ubisoft Paris, the makers of Breakpoint, are concerned that a game with such a dismal reaction will now be submerged in the most cutting-edge speculative technology, crawling even farther.

Now that Guillemot is attempting to reassure the study, the CEO claims that the harassment, sexual abuse, and toxicity problems were predictable.

He likened them to the initials found on DLC, micropayments, and loot boxes. This comparison by their CEO would imply -for him- that the NFTs would be accepted over time; yet, one day after it unveiled those of STALKER 2, everything was canceled due to criticism.

To top it all off, other staff were concerned about the resemblance. Especially considering Ubisoft's own microtransactions as XP boosters continue to be criticized.

According to insiders, when Guillemot was pressed for details on new sorts of gaming that would enable NFTs and blockchain technology, the CEO did not provide any.

Instead, he built on the idea that notions like as the metaverse would allow players to digitally build and sell houses, as well as have control over the production process in general.

According to the same sources, Guillemot mentioned Roblox as an example, but did not clarify which parts would be easier with Quartz. These staff were also alarmed by the CEO's apparent excitement for a game paradigm that could lead to player exploitation.

As a result, several Ubisoft employees are apprehensive about how this technology will be incorporated into game development. "I'm here to make games and bring fun and pleasure," one of them told Kotaku. " And I don't see how this contributes to that; it's simply another method to milk money."

Aside from that, insiders claim that Ubisoft made one thing abundantly clear: Breakpoint's NFTs are only the beginning. In the future, the company has much larger aspirations to incorporate Blockchain technology into other games.

A representative for Ubisoft, according to the source, has declined to comment on the situation. What are your thoughts?

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