According to an insider, Quantic Dream will face significant challenges in the creation of Star Wars Eclipse

Tom Henderson discusses Quantic Dream's (Heavy Rain) relationship with Star Wars Eclipse, the next game in the Lucasfilm saga set in the High Republic.

According to an insider, Quantic Dream will face significant challenges in the creation of Star Wars Eclipse

Aside from the postponed Battlefront III, the Star Wars universe is prepping for a new wave of video games. Star Wars LEGO The Skywalker Saga, Jedi Fallen Order 2, Ubisoft Massive's latest...

And, of course, Star Wars Eclipse. Quantic Dream's Star Wars game was introduced in grand form at The Game Awards 2021, with a teaser that still lingers in our thoughts.

Of course, don't anticipate this epic cosmic adventure (set in the High Republic) to be available anytime soon. Various leaks indicate that the launch will take place within the next 3-4 years.

Insider Tom Henderson, famed for his successful leaks, has revealed how Star Wars Eclipse is progressing at Quantic Dream's offices. He ensures that he has very solid sources, but he keeps the specifics to himself (for obvious reasons).

And there's some bad news: Quantic Dream appears to be having difficulties developing the game, as Henderson explains. Fortunately, there looks to be no fear of cancellation.

This source drops a bombshell: Star Wars Eclipse (also known as Inside-Door Solstice) is the result of a canceled Quantic Dream game that the team planned to release in 2013.

Quantic Dream purportedly planned to develop its own space game in collaboration with Sony, but the Japanese company allegedly declined to fund the project. This resulted in the film Detroit: Become Human.

Project Karma was the name of this game that was canceled in 2013. Star Wars Eclipse has risen from the ashes, thanks to Lucasfilm's interest in the project, which they opted to turn into an IP game last year.

Henderson even claims to have seen snippets of Project Karma in the Star Wars Eclipse trailer. Aside from that, it appears that David Cage's study has more than one further flaw.

What's the reason? The Quantic Dream graphics engine appears to be unprepared for a project of the scope of Eclipse, which promises to contain multiple planets, space exploration, vast realms, and much more.

Henderson points out that the Quantic Dream engine was built to generate little places, but there's a lot more to it. Star Wars Eclipse will have a multiplayer mode, but the studio is unsure how to proceed with its development.

In summary, Quantic Dream may have a solution... that is not dependent on them: being acquired by a huge corporation. Henderson claims that the French studio has been hunting for purchasers since last year.

This insider confirms that Quantic Dream is having major employment challenges as a result of the allegations of workplace harassment that were made months ago.

The trailer shown at the 2021 Game Awards was created by Unit Image, the same firm that created trailers for Far Cry 6, Death Stranding, and COD Infinite Warfare. According to reports, the purpose of this trailer was to entice personnel and investors to join Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse is a new video game from Quantic Dream that has been in development for 18 months. The intention is for it to be released within several years under the aegis of Lucasfilm, and there are no confirmed platforms for the title as of yet.

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