The Penitent, the Drifter, and more indie legends will be in attendance at Dead Cells

 Guacamelee!, Hollow Knight, and more franchises will provide free material to the independent title.

The Penitent, the Drifter, and more indie legends will be in attendance at Dead Cells

The indie scene is more important than ever, and Dead Cells is one of the most recent video games to achieve this status. Motion Twin, the game's developer and distributor, is already working on its next project, although it's still working on material for its most well-known title, and the next one will be influenced by indie legends.

Motion Twin began dropping hints about upcoming DLC for the game earlier this month, implying that it would be about "indie legends" from other worlds.


Following this, the company confirmed the rumors and revealed that it would form a partnership with six indie franchises, with content from Hyper Light Drifter, Curse of the Dead Gods, Guacamelee!, Skul: The Hero Slayer, Blasphemous, and even Hollow Knight.

The Hyper Light Drifter and Curse of the Dead Gods collaborations are the coolest because they will not only wear the clothes of the protagonists in these games, but they will also debut the first and only blaster and pistol in the game.

The Guacamelee collaboration! It will also be intriguing because the protagonist will be able to dress up as Juan Aguacate and use a maneuver that allows him to transform into a chicken. Skul and Penitent One will also be wearing fantastic attire. Finally, the protagonist will not be able to wear the Hollow Knight face, but he will bring his weapon to Dead Cells.

All of this content will be included in Dead Cells' free update number 26, which will be available for download on Monday, November 22.

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