Staten: The Halo Infinite delay was made with players in mind

The game was expected to debut in 2020 to showcase the Xbox Series X | S.

Staten: The Halo Infinite delay was made with players in mind

The Halo Infinite pre-launch is going well, and it has managed to defuse the uproar that erupted last year when the game's postponement was disclosed, despite the fact that it was supposed to kick off the Xbox Series X | S cycle. The return of series veteran Joseph Staten, who returned to take over the game and recently spoke about 343 Industries' difficult period, was a vital component of bringing the ship to fruition.


Joseph Staten, the project's creative director, spoke with IGN a few days before the game's official debut - which will be highlighted by the arrival of the campaign mode and the start of multiplayer itself, as it is currently in beta - about the decision to delay the game at a time when it was thought to accompany the arrival of Xbox Series X | S. Despite the fact that it was difficult for 343i, the choice was made with the players in mind, according to the creative: "There was a lot of pressure to continue the path."

I believe that's a fantastic example of Xbox leadership doing the right thing for our fans, doing the right thing for gamers, even if it cost them money. "I'm incredibly proud of the studio and Xbox for making such a player-centered decision."

Staten's presence appears to have been the perfect move, as it took over the project at a moment when its leadership was dissolving due to the departure of key creatives. In that sense, Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, saw it as a positive sign, signaling that the creatives' and the project's paths had diverged.

The Halo Infinite campaign will launch on December 8, and we've got the details on when you can start playing so you can witness the latest chapter in the franchise's history firsthand.

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