Roblox is back online after a three-day hiatus

After the popular game crashed Thursday night, Roblox users have been off the platform for three days. Everything was back to normal yesterday, Sunday.

Roblox is back online after a three-day hiatus

Roblox returned to us on the third day. Last Thursday night, the popular game development platform went down, stopping the 3 billion registered accounts from logging in and enjoying the service's minigames. After being completely down for 24 hours, the players had to wait until last Sunday for all of the systems to be restored.

Roblox is back in action after a three-day hiatus.

According to The Verge, the blackout would have been caused by "a increase in the number of servers in our data centers, and was not related to any surge. in external traffic or to any particular experience." In other words, there was no computer attack on the game. Rather, a failure at the "internal" level was to blame for the drop.

Roblox CEO David Baszucki has stated on the company's blog that he will soon "publish an autopsy" of what transpired. It has also stated that it will take the appropriate steps to ensure that something similar does not occur again in the future. "To our knowledge, no persistent player data has been lost, and their Roblox experience should be back to normal," he writes. "We appreciate our players', developers', and partners' patience and support during this time."

Roblox is planning to release a 'autopsy' of what transpired soon.

To go into more detail about what happened, Baszucki states the following in the same blog post: "A central system of our infrastructure was overrun," he claims, "all due to a tiny fault in our backend service's communications while it was under a lot of stress." "As a result, the majority of Roblox's services were unable to communicate and be implemented successfully."

"The rehabilitation took longer than any of us would have desired due to the difficulties of diagnosing the issue," he explains. "We were able to remedy the issue by performance tweaking, reconfiguration, and some load reduction after correctly identifying the reason. As of this afternoon, we were able to fully restore service."

Roblox's popularity has skyrocketed.

The truth is that Roblox has seen a significant increase in its user base in recent months. Without going into detail, it recently added a number of games and experiences based on Netflix's The Squid Game, allowing users to participate in this particular competition on this platform. It has also been the subject of debate, with questions raised about whether the game exploits youngsters.

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