Players in Battlefield 2042 use a bug to hide their aircraft

Users take use of the flaw to hide their helicopters and ambush foes on the Hourglass map in Battlefield 2042, which has structures that lack a collision mechanism.

Players in Battlefield 2042 use a bug to hide their aircraft

The Battlefield series' Achilles heel has always been its rushed releases, despite its generally high quality. DICE and EA's new multiplayer-focused war shooter was released on Steam to generally unfavorable reviews due to a huge number of bugs and performance issues that the game had even before its launch. Players who have already been allowed to play Battlefield 2042 have discovered many failures in the hitboxes of some specialists, as well as a problem in the buildings of a map that allows helicopters to be hidden, as reported by VG247.

As you can see in the video, some structures in Battlefield 2042 lack a collision system entirely, therefore some players have taken use of the glitch to hide their helicopters and plan completely unanticipated ambushes for the rest of the game's players. This defect can cause certain imbalances in online games because those who exploit it have a clear edge over their opponents, thus we expect it to be fixed in future upgrades that address this and other code flaws.

A problem that only appears in the most remote parts of the map.

The failure of the buildings only appears in the map's farthest reaches, which is a curious fact. As you may be aware, Battlefield 2042 boasts the largest maps in the series to accommodate the 128 players who play the game, therefore it appears that the more isolated places with little points of interest have received far less polish than the main fighting zones. Simply said, buildings are not 3D objects in the traditional sense, and the lack of a collision mechanism allows players to navigate them as if they were flat surfaces.

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