MrBeast, a Youtuber, recreated The Squid Game with almost $ 14 million in rewards

Hundreds of competitors competed for the chance to win $ 456,000 USD.

MrBeast, a Youtuber, recreated The Squid Game with almost $ 14 million in rewards

Without a doubt, the most popular Netflix series was released in 2021 (a few weeks ago), and we're talking about the game squid (Squid Game). This production astounded everyone and has since become a hugely popular franchise. It had such an impact that a youtuber reproduced it in real life with a massive contest of more than $ 10 million.

MrBeast is the youtuber in question, who is well-known for his videos including wonderful rewards, which has helped him to become a highly popular celebrity with over 76 million subscribers.

Now he has a lot to talk about because he has just created one of the best and most attractive recreations of The Squid Game in real life, not only for the games and the number of participants, but also for the prize, which was over $ 500 or $ 10 million, with a large portion of it going to the winner, who took home $ 456,000, just over $ 9 million. Obviously, the prize pool for the original game was far larger (a total of $ 38.6 million), but there had to be some differences.

The MrBeast Game had a high production value, costing more than $ 3.5 million to produce, and was made feasible by the Brawl Stars company's finance. The contest video was released on November 24 in the afternoon, and as of this writing, it has already received over 16 million views, which is remarkable.


The MrBeast version of the squid game started with 456 players, but nearly half of them, 224, were eliminated, leaving only 232 players for Honeycomb, the cookie challenge, which was a great challenge for those who had the umbrella shape, but there were some who managed to successfully trim the cookie.

82 players were eliminated in Honeycomb. Those who succumbed to the cookie challenge, on the other hand, received $2,000 each. This equates to a total of $ 164,000 USD distributed. The first two games were completed by 142 people, but they were promised $ 4000 USD if they eliminated the competition; 22 people accepted the offer, resulting in a $ 88,000 USD giveaway.

Tug of War was the next task; 12 groups of ten people were formed, and only half of them passed; however, the most difficult test was arguably the following, because it involved duets between friends, with only one of the two people winning, which was quite emotional for several.

The next challenge in The Squid Game entailed violence, thus a game consisting of duels of flipping a card on the floor by hurling another was chosen. As a result, 16 players were able to cross the glass bridge.

Following a heart closure, six players were left to compete for $ 456,000 USD in the classic game of chairs. The winner took home $ 456,000 USD, but second place received a $ 10,000 USD consolation award.

MrBeast will also give away $10,000 to a random anyone who subscribes to their channel in the next seven days.

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