Microsoft and SEGA have formed a partnership to develop next-generation games using Azure

Because of the cloud, the Super Game initiative will be able to provide global online titles.

Microsoft and SEGA have formed a partnership to develop next-generation games using Azure

There have been a lot of outlandish speculations regarding Microsoft buying SEGA in the last year. While this did not come to pass, the firms have just announced a groundbreaking deal for the company to produce new games using Xbox owners' technology, specifically the Azure cloud's capacity.

The firms explained the goals of this strategic relationship, which will be a part of SEGA's near and long-term future, in a joint statement. As a result, the company will begin developing new projects as part of the Super Game program, which aims to provide online and global games.


The businesses disclosed that their strategic partnership will focus on SEGA building large-scale next-generation games using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

The games will be part of the Super Game seal, which aims to provide gamers with global and online experiences that emphasize community. Stakeholders will be able to enjoy high-quality entertainment experiences because to the use of cutting-edge technology.

According to the facts, this will assist SEGA in remaining one of the industry's most important developers in the future, as it will receive support from Microsoft to stay on top of the latest gaming trends.

"Microsoft and SEGA agreed on the foundations of this partnership, and they would attempt to establish future technical evolutions through joint cooperation, with sectors such as network infrastructure and communication tools necessary for global online services as a key focus," they said. in the declaration

SEGA has played a vital role in the industry's history, according to Sarah Bond, Microsoft's Vice President of Ecosystem and Gaming Experience Creation. As a result, his team is ecstatic to collaborate with the company and "create new future gaming experiences."

Finally, SEGA Corporation president and COO Yukio Sugino remarked that the Super Game project would not be possible without Microsoft's technology and assistance. They'll be able to "create a next-generation game creation environment" with this.


It's not the first time SEGA has expressed interest in using cloud technology to improve its game offerings. It announced the Fog Gaming project in the middle of last year, with the goal of transforming arcades into data centers.

Fog Gaming will contribute to the development of low-cost data centers that will serve a huge portion of Japan, where arcades remain popular. Because it would operate using the arcades' power, the infrastructure will not take up a lot of extra room or require a lot of upkeep.

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