Housemarque returns with an odd image that could be from an expansion

Fans have speculated whether this is downloadable content for the PlayStation 5 action game; the developer has previously mentioned DLC.

Housemarque returns with an odd image that could be from an expansion

Returnal was one of the most popular games in the first half of the year, and Housemarque, which was bought shortly after it left, upgraded the PlayStation 5 title in October with the suspension of the cycle and the photo mode. We know there was mention of enhancements to the experience -which are the ones that are currently available- and downloadable material at one point, but no word of any form of expansion has been released thus far. Yesterday, the developer's official Twitter account surprised with an odd remark.

The study included a photo of a screen that players are unfamiliar with, along with the text "Atropos...?" This could indicate that the new content is set on a different planet from the one where the main plot takes place. Is there going to be a DLC announcement at The Game Awards 2021 on December 9?

Several Housemarque members have echoed the Tweet. For example, the narrative director has said that they have "recorded something really amazing today . We hope to share more soon."

The most important game in Housemarque's history

Returnal had sold over half a million copies since its release in late April, according to Sony. It was Housemarque's most ambitious endeavor to date, as an arcade game developer. "For us, Returnal has served as a stepping stone. When we consider future titles, we can imagine them being even bigger and more ambitious "With the announcement of Sony's purchase, co-founder Ilari Kuittinen expressed his delight.

"As we continue to experiment with new storytelling methods and push the boundaries of this modern art platform, this gives the studio a clear future and a steady opportunity to continue to develop game-centric titles." 

Returnal is a terrific game that knows how to blend a variety of components with remarkable success to create something original, fresh, and with personality, according to our analysis.

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