Halo Infinite's Creative Director Explains the Campaign's Delay

It assures that they are totally committed to just releasing items once they are complete, and that the campaign collaboration still requires additional work.

Halo Infinite's Creative Director Explains the Campaign's Delay

One of the biggest pleasures of the Halo franchise, as many of you will remember, is playing its outstanding cooperative campaigns with our friends, a mode that, regrettably, will not be available when Halo Infinite comes on December 8.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it was supposed to be released as a free update in the first few months of 2022, the company has stated that it has been delayed, and we won't be able to hit co-op shots until at least May.

Commitment of 343 Industries

Its creative director, Joseph Staten, has now addressed what has caused the delay: "Despite the fact that I work on Halo, I am still a fan of the game. In addition, the cooperative campaign is crucial to the overall experience. Whether it's in multiplayer or the campaign, playing Halo with your pals is playing Halo. Delaying co-op was the most difficult decision we had to make."

"However, this demonstrates the studio's resolve to only launch experiences when they are completely prepared and of the best quality. And it is crucial for any series, especially one as old as Halo with its 20-year history."

"I don't believe we did our job successfully if we didn't maintain the greatest standards, didn't commit to quality, and didn't launch things until they met, if not beyond, our consumers' expectations. And the truth is that the cooperative is a win-win situation. We opted to emphasize other areas of the game because it isn't ready now."

We'd like to remind you that the competitive multiplayer beta is now accessible on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, though if it's the campaign that interests you the most, we recommend reading our impressions piece from last week on Vandal.

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