Grim Dawn is coming to consoles for the first time, and it will be exclusive to Xbox One

With a definitive edition, an action RPG will release on Xbox Series X | S and One.

Grim Dawn is coming to consoles for the first time, and it will be exclusive to Xbox One

Diablo and other comparable games sparked the creation of other franchises that are now quite popular in the genre. Grim Dawn is surely one of them, a game that first appeared on Steam in 2013 and has since only been available on PC.

Crate Entertainment will finally bring the game to consoles this year, which is great news for the game's community and for gamers who have always wanted to see it on other platforms. However, don't expect to play it on any other system; it'll be unique to Xbox for the time being.


The company revealed in a statement that it is already working on the release of Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition, a console-ready version of the game. This update will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

It is the most comprehensive edition of the action RPG, as it includes the base game, as well as the expansions Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods, as well as the Crucible DLC.

Those interested in the game can already pre-order it on the Xbox store for $ 54.99 USD, which is a reasonable price given the quantity of content and hundreds of hours that the RPG provides.

On December 3, Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition will be released for consoles. Crate Entertainment hasn't said whether the game will be released on other platforms like the PS5, PS4, or even the Nintendo Switch.

"In this post-apocalyptic fantasy world, humanity is on the verge of extinction, iron is more valuable than gold, and trust must be won. Complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting, and quests with alternatives and consequences are all featured in this ARPG "according to his description.

The PC version of Grim Dawn is currently available. For December 3rd, it will be released on Xbox systems.

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  1. Nice. Not a single screenshot, video or preview what so ever of this port that was stuck in development hell for years. I'm sure is in great shape.