Ghost of Tsushima and Sackboy: A Big Adventure to Provide Fantastic Outfits to Fall Guys

Thanks to the great partnership between Mediatonic and PlayStation, several costumes are on their way to Battle Royale.

Fall Guys to Receive Fantastic Outfits from Ghost of Tsushima and Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Fall Guys is still evolving thanks to Mediatonic and Epic Games' continuing support. The companies announced the next season today, which will feature a circus and carnival theme. There will be two new partnerships with PlayStation as part of the new content, bringing two legendary heroes to the Battle Royale tournaments.

Today was exciting news not just for Fall Guys fans, but also for PlayStation lovers, because among the Season 6 DLC, three new clothes for the beans were confirmed, giving them the appearance of Little Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) and the renowned fighter Jin Sakai ( Ghost of Tsushima ).


Sackboy's is the first costume we'll discuss. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the most recent installment in the franchise, and it will, of course, star Sackboy, who has been in every game in the franchise.

It's amusing because Sackboy appears in numerous outfits in LittleBigPlanet games; in fact, you may dress yourself as a Fall Guy in Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Like a result, the Fall Guys will be able to dress up as Sackboy in the near future.

This will be made possible by a new partnership between Mediatonic and PlayStation, which will include a new limited-time event in Fall Guys. This is the second collaboration between the two companies; the first allowed players to unlock Ratchet and Clank in Battle Royale.

To acquire the costume, you'll need to enter the game and fulfill the challenges of the limited-time event. The outfit will stay with you indefinitely once you've gotten it, but bear in mind that the event will only be available from December 1 to December 5.


The other PlayStation cooperation with Fall Guys is Ghost of Tsushima, which will allow the Fall Guys to dress up like Jin Sakai, the protagonist of the samurai adventure.

This content will be part of the Fame Path, so you'll need to work your way through the new season and play a lot to earn this fantastic prize.

They're actually two outfits based on the PlayStation series. At level 10, the bottom half of the first will be unlocked, while the upper half will be accessible at level 15. At level 45, the bottom half of the second set will be unlocked, and at level 50, the iconic Ghost of Tshushima mask will be obtained. To access all of the Ghost of Tsushima-inspired content, you'll have to play a lot.

It is unknown when Fall Guys Season 6 will expire, but keep in mind that Fall Guys seasons typically last three to four months, so you will have until March or February to reach level 50 of the Fame Path before it resumes and the rewards change.

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