For its 20th anniversary, Xbox has launched a virtual museum that delves into the history of each console

You may learn about the origins of Xbox and the evolution of each system by visiting the interactive virtual museum. Players can also view their journey by logging into their Xbox account.

For its 20th anniversary, Xbox has launched a virtual museum that delves into the history of each console

Xbox customers have access to an intriguing interactive virtual museum that allows them to explore and learn about the company's history from its origins in 2001 with the launch of the first Xbox to the present day with the Xbox Series X / S. This new endeavor by the corporation is part of the company's 20th anniversary festivities. In fact, you can see a strange document written by a Nintendo of America executive that is neither more nor less than Nintendo's rejection letter to Microsoft in this same virtual museum.

A nostalgic fan journey that analyzes the hits and misses of Xbox

A very interesting fact about this museum is that it allows players to explore their personal gaming history by logging in with their Xbox account , a detail that many will appreciate and that will likely generate a strong sense of nostalgia. The virtual museum contains a variety of virtual settings to explore, as well as a visually appealing menu where we may click on each of the consoles that have been released so far to learn more about them. The Halo franchise gets its own particular place in the museum because it is also commemorating its 20th anniversary.

Microsoft is not ashamed of its past, and in some sections, we can look into some pivotal moments in the Xbox's history, such as the 2007 crisis, which threatened the brand's survival just as it launched the Xbox 360, due to the dreaded red ring of death that appeared on the console to indicate that it was defective. The corporation was obliged to spend billions of dollars to fix and replace malfunctioning equipment as a result of this setback, which nearly bankrupted the company. Of course, there have been other pivotal milestones for Xbox that have helped it establish itself as one of the industry's leading brands.

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