Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

In a more than 15-minute video, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco demonstrate in detail how the open-world action RPG directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki will be played.

Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

Elden Ring, the open-world action RPG directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, with the help of George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) for the creation of the plot context of the world, has been shown a video with about 15 minutes of gameplay as promised by the publisher Bandai Namco and the Japanese developer FromSoftware. You may watch it below; at the bottom of this article, you'll find photographs from the video.

Great foes will arise out of nowhere.

The game starts with the adventurer exploring a resting location and following a guiding light, which is still in development for a 4K resolution PC version. The player comes at an undead camp and is attacked by a dragon, who kills the undead and attacks the player, who fights it on horseback and on foot, dodging its claws and the fire it spits. The dragon collapses and stabs himself in the eye with his sword, although he appears to be alive at the end of the sequence.

He hears a voice asking for assistance while exploring the planet. It's a vase with arms that has become stuck. The gamer takes a huge log from the hole and pulls it out. The game then shifts to a darker environment. The map appears to be enormous: sections of it can be obtained and up to a hundred markers can be set on it. In addition, you can place beacons that can be seen in the outside world. It also depicts the locations where the horse can leap to ascend massive mountains in a world where everything is vertical.

Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

Suddenly, you're in the middle of a storm, and the player is dodging beams and leaping around the mountains. He arrives at a camp, pulls out a spyglass to examine it, and notices an abandoned carriage, which he intends to attack in exchange for prizes. He sneaks up on him after preparing, finishing off several adversaries from behind, but he is quickly detected. He fights with a long sword, sorcery, and other techniques like a bow with fiery arrows and calling ghostly companions.

Cooperative, PVP, and invasions will all be available in multiplayer.

Co-op, PvP, and invasions are all featured in the online multiplayer mode. He goes silently through a woodland with another player, avoiding a big beast. They eventually come face to face with a massive final opponent on horseback who performs a range of techniques, including lightning bolts and fire puffs. To damage the boss, the second player takes out a fire-breathing dragon head at a given point.

Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

The damage from falls has been lowered in the gameplay to make the platform easier to use. The player will reach catacombs, dungeons that hide everything from treasures to ultimate bosses in this manner. The adventurer meets a wall that hides a room with a prize behind him, guided by the specter of what looks to be another player.

A fantastic dungeon in the vein of Dark Souls.

Melina's character is introduced, followed by a large castle that may be visited without difficulty. There, a nasty character advises the player to avoid going through the main door and instead take a different route. The player decides not to believe him, but when he enters the castle, he is shot with a crossbow, forcing him to choose a different path.

Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

As he progresses down this path, he is attacked by various enemies, who are ventilated using melee attacks and the summoning of allies; it's a scenario similar to what one might expect from a traditional Souls game, but on a much larger scale, very vertical, and where the aforementioned platform is crucial for finding secrets and secondary characters.

Different varieties of adversaries are seen in this area, as well as a battle against a final boss, one of the Demigods who dominate the world of Elden Ring and who was already shown in the game's first trailer. With his numerous limbs and vast bulk, he possesses a wide range of abilities that promise a suspenseful confrontation; the player can even summon companions to aid them in combat. A fire-breathing dragon head, similar to the one featured in the online multiplayer section, was among his abilities, implying that the player will be able to obtain magic from bosses.

Elden Ring's gameplay consisted of an open environment, dungeons, and multiplayer

On February 25, Elden Ring will be released for PC and consoles.

In Spain and the rest of the world, Elden Ring will be released on February 25 for PC (Steam), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One. A free update will be included in the last-generation consoles' editions. A multiplayer beta for consoles will take place over the weekend of November 12-15.

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