Capcom will unveil more details in 2022 about Street Fighter VI

The first combatant that will appear in the upcoming iteration of the series has already been confirmed by the Japanese corporation.

Capcom will unveil more details in 2022 about Street Fighter VI

Capcom has been supporting Street Fighter V for almost six years, but as Season V draws to a close, the game will no longer receive new content. This logically implies that Capcom is already working on Street Fighter VI and has only recently revealed information about the game.

Capcom provided more details about the final fighter that will be added to Street Fighter as DLC in a recent broadcast, and he also used the chance to comment on the series' future.

While a new Street Fighter game is almost a foregone conclusion with the launch of a new console generation, Capcom has remained mum about it. However, in the broadcast, the company stated that it hopes to reveal more details about the project in 2022, which could mean that it will be revealed next year.

"We will return with more announcements regarding the future of Street Fighter," Capcom announced at the conclusion of the presentation, so it's more of a see you soon than a goodbye.


Takayuki Nakayama, the director of Street Fighter V, stated in the broadcast that the team had ups and downs during the creation of the project, but that they always reached their aim thanks to the fans, and that he will use this as motivation to continue with the next project.

Not only that, but Shuhei Matsumoto, the producer of Street Fighter V, claimed that Luke, the final DLC character who will make his debut in the franchise in Street Fighter V, is so significant that he will appear in the future Street Fighter project, presumably Street Fighter VI. It's natural to expect familiar characters from the series to return, like as Shun-Li, Ryu, and others, but Capcom has only mentioned Luke.

Apart than that, we don't have any official information on the forthcoming Street Fighter installment. We recall that in the middle of last year, famed and prominent industry insider Dusk Golem stated that Capcom was having difficulties developing Street Fighter VI.

According to the information, Capcom would have launched Season V in order to acquire additional development time, which would provide more material for fans while allowing the firm to improve the status of the new project (which was supposedly going to debut in 2021). The informant also mentioned that some of the development issues will lead to the resignation of Yoshinori Ono, the franchise's famed creative director, from Capcom. The creative's departure was confirmed a few days later.

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