Amazon wants to make a Mass Effect series and is close to signing a deal with Electronic Arts

The corporation plans to invest in more Amazon Prime Video ventures.

Amazon wants to make a Mass Effect series and is close to signing a deal with Electronic Arts

There have been speculations about Mass Effect being adapted to film and television for a long time. While nothing has been confirmed, it appears like it is only a matter of time until it becomes a reality, as Amazon is close to finalizing a deal with Electronic Arts to produce a series based on BioWare's critically acclaimed RPG.

Deadline, one of the most reputable publications in the world of film and television productions, published a piece detailing some of Amazon's ambitions for the future of Prime Video. One of them is to create more series based on well-known properties from the fantasy and science fiction genres.

In fact, Amazon Studios is already in the process of finalizing a deal with Electronic Arts to create a Mass Effect series. The contract is still up in the air, but according to the source, Amazon Studios and EA are close to reaching an arrangement that will benefit both parties.

"You should expect to see us continue to invest in fantasy genres of all types," Jennifer Salke, director of Amazon Studios, said. "We have a genre-focused staff at [Amazon] Studios that is working diligently with our creative partners on that, and you can look forward to more."

The creation of Amazon Studios' Mass Effect series has yet to begin because the agreement is still open. As a result, it's unclear who will be in control of the film's directing, narrative, and production. We don't know much about his cast, however Henry Cavill will almost certainly audition for the role of Commander Shepard.


If the agreement goes through and Mass Effect goes into production, it won't be Amazon's sole video game-based series. We remind you that the service confirmed in July 2020 that it is working on a Fallout series with Bethesda Softworks.

The bad news is that there aren't much specifics about the Fallout series available at this time. What we do know is that the project is being handled by Kilter Films, the production company founded by Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

When the series was announced, Kilter Films commented, "Fallout is one of the best video game franchises in all of history." "Each chapter of this fantastic story has cost us numerous hours we could have spent with our friends and family. "We're ecstatic to be working with Todd Howard and the rest of Bethesda's amazing lunatics to bring this huge, subversive, and dark universe to life with Amazon Studios."

Is it possible that more RPG properties will be turned into Amazon Prime Video shows in the future? Only time will tell if this is true.

What are your thoughts on this new? Do you believe a Mass Effect series might be successful? Let us know in the comments section.

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