The studio's next game would be Blizzard, an open-world RPG

The developer's vacancies suggested at an undisclosed title.

The studio's next game would be Blizzard, an open-world RPG

Blizzard is mired in a slew of issues and scandals from which it will take time to recover, but it is undeniable that the firm will keep moving forward and attempt to resolve and overcome its recent failures. Indeed, everything suggests that he is already working on a new project, as evidenced by multiple job openings.

The company is recruiting for employees for an unknown initiative, according to the details. It would be a game that would excite lovers of RPGs, first-person shooters, and open world games alike, as it would combine all of these elements in an experience that, on paper, may appeal to some.


Details of what could be the business's next big project, an RPG set in an open environment with FPS features, have emerged as the corporation tries to move on from the harassment and discrimination controversies.

For an unknown project, the studio is looking for a content designer. The job openings don't reveal much about the game, but they do offer us an indication of the type of project Blizzard is working on.

The position necessitates familiarity with the mechanics of RPG awards. The chosen one will be in charge of creating new events and open world content.

In addition, you must have prior experience with online game design and first-person shooters. Because of all of these hints, many people believe the game's concept is similar to Blizzard Fallout.

We don't know what type of development it is or for what platforms it is intended because the openings don't provide any additional information on the game. The studio, on the other hand, has openings for a mobile project.

Blizzard hasn't said anything about this project as of this writing, so we'll have to be patient and wait to learn more about it.

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